WireOver: free software to send files of unlimited size

Gone are the days when the files were stored on a floppy disk abundantly, today it is common to work with files several gigabytes in size. So when we want to send one of these large files is necessary to use specific tools, it is impossible to attach them to an email or send any other traditional method.

send files of unlimited size with WireOver free software

WireOver is a new solution that allows us to transfer large files to friends and contacts, with the advantage that the transfer is direct without intermediate servers and we have no limitation on the size of the files to send.

The app and service are free, although there is also a commercial version with the only difference is that the free features a powerful encryption protocol from end to end, ideal for sensitive files when you do not want falling into the wrong hands are sent.

WireOver applications available for Windows operating systems and Mac OS X, currently being under development application for Linux platforms. Please note that shipping both sender and receiver must have the application installed.