Windows DVD Player, the best way to buy something useless

While most Microsoft applications in the Windows Store are free, there is one that, from its first announcement, especially strikes us: The DVD of Windows, known as “Windows DVD Player“. This application serves as the name suggests, in order to play DVDs in Windows 10, however, is not included by default in the operating system and also is not free.
Microsoft Announces Windows DVD Player player for Windows 10
It is true that this application was launched “to force” by Microsoft because, as Windows 10 did not have a version of “Media Center”, users who paid for that version had to have the same characteristics, one of which is the multimedia center Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. However, instead of developing a complete multimedia center at the height of large platforms, such as, for example, Plex or Kodi , the company has developed a DVD player, very simple, and which asks for a payment neither more nor less, 15 euros.

DVD Player for Windows 10

Users who have upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier version “Media Center” yes you can download the player for free, however, all the others who want must make a totally exorbitant outlay for an application that also does nothing .

Microsoft did not even bother to sell your player Windows DVD Player

In addition to its exorbitant price, the company is not even trying that the player seems something worthwhile. If we enter the Windows Store and look for the player page, we can see how, despite being a Microsoft, is one of the more pages left store-wide.

Here, we can see, in addition to the 14.89 euros that appear quite large , a description that tells us that this application is used to view DVDs, nothing more, with a single capture program and a list with its two main characteristics: it serves for watching DVDs and has simple controls.

Windows DVD Player Windows Store

In addition, both universal applications, this player is not universal, and that is only available for PC and not for other devices such as tablets, which can be connected to a DVD player via the USB port.

Microsoft continues to improve your player, and that users of Windows Insider have seen the new version will come with Windows 10 Creators Update, which will include “big” news as the DVDs from playing automatically when you enter into your computer (provided and when the app is open) and if there is no disc, the menu is automatically hidden.

As we said, no doubt, a great application that, oddly enough, is developed by Microsoft and we can use to spend 15 euros on something that really serves no purpose, and that the network can find countless players DVD, many of them free, like VLC , GOM Player and even if we are faithful to Microsoft, Windows Media Player and the new application “Movies and TV” included by default in Windows 10 as Universal App.

Do you think it worth spending 15 euros on the Windows DVD Player?