Windows Defender update may cause your PC to not boot; learn how to fix it

Microsoft for the future, is that this antivirus is the only one that users of your system adopt without having to use third-party solutions

Windows Defender is the security solution that is implemented in the operating system of the same firm, Windows 10 , and as happens with this, the Redmond work to make the platform as efficient as possible, as well as secure.

And it is that one of the purposes of Microsoft for the future, is that this antivirus is the only one that users of your system adopt without having to use third-party solutions in Windows 10, something that little by little they are getting, although this is going to be a complicated path, since some of these antivirus have been among us for many years.

However, we must admit that as time has gone by and to a large extent thanks to the updates that the software has received, it has improved ostensibly with respect to its first steps. In fact it could be said that we are facing a much more powerful antivirus, safe and “smart” than we saw in the first versions, so that more and more users dispense with alternative solutions developed by others in this same sense.

But not everything was going to go smoothly, and as it shows what is happening in these instants with the latest version of the aforementioned antivirus, since some are detecting that, due to the same, even your computer has stopped booting. Well, as far as has been known, this is an update that has reached computers with Windows 10 Home , Enterprise and Pro and that, due to a change in the location of the file path of the update as such, Many downloads of it are blocked when the “AppLocker” function is enabled.

How to solve problems with the latest Windows Defender update

Thus, one of the solutions that Microsoft proposes for those affected is to access the Windows 10 group policy and change the path “%OSDrive% \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender \ Platform \ *” to make it as allowed. At the same time, some computers have stopped booting if they have activated the safe boot mode, so you should disable it to update the antivirus and everything returns to normal.

This is something that we carry out by booting the PC and from the BIOS we deactivate the “Secure Boot” option. After that, we open a command prompt with administrator permissions and execute the following command:

“% Programdata% \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender \ Platform \ 4.18.1901-7 \ MpCmdRun.exe” -revertplatform “.

At the same time and in order to verify that Windows Defender is running, right here we can type the command “sc query windefend”, while to make sure that we are no longer using version 4.18.1901.7 of Windows Defender, we execute “sc qc windefend “. Once we have carried out these steps, we can re-activate the “Secure Boot” function in the BIOS of the computer.

With everything and with it, if the solution does not correct the problem we mention, we can always go back to the previous version of Windows Defender, thus undoing the recently installed one, something that we achieved through the command “% programdata% \ microsoft \ windows defender \ platform \ \ mpcmdrun.exe “-revertplatform.