Windows Defender is one of the least efficient antivirus

AV-Test is a German company which annually analyzes the 28 most popular antivirus to determine which of them offer better protection for Windows operating system. Among the tests performed in the second half, the winners are Kaspersky and Bitdefender. Windows Defender is a security system that obtained worse results during the test.

The tests performed by the company AV-Test consists of 3 tests:
The first puts the antivirus test against 0-day malware for their ability to these threats detection. Faced with these attacks, Kaspersky, Bitdefender and F-Secure were the best protection offered to the system with 100% detection. Windows Defender had the worst results by far compared to other antivirus with 79% efficiency.

The second test is performed to analyze the ease with which the virus analyzed and eliminated 60,000 different types of malware based on the analysis of real-time system.

The third test analyzes and compares the minimum requirements and ease of use of the security suite. The less user intervention required by the application, best results are obtained in this test.

Windows Defender is by far the least efficient antivirus compared to other Windows antivirus

Windows Defender is by far the least efficient antivirus compared to other Windows antivirus. Despite this, it won the best note as to use and easily. Windows Defender just have configuration options and comes bundled with Windows 8 by default, Windows 7 users can opt for a manual download free antivirus. Microsoft should improve their product if they want to offer a real alternative to the current antivirus.

The above result the company was challenged by Microsoft a few days to be made public, so that they will soon return to draw attention to AV-Test challenged again for these terrible results obtained by the antivirus developed by Microsoft. For now, Bitdefender, F-Secure and Kaspersky as the most recommended are to protect a Windows system.

Did you use Windows Defender? Do you think this virus is as bad as AV-Test shows? What antivirus you use to protect your systems? Participate in the comment discussion below.