Windows Defender Application Guard: New security tool

Redmond giant continues to improve the security of its operating system. On this occasion, the tool that they have presented has been baptized as Windows Defender Application Guard and apparently it will be aimed at Microsoft Edge users. For now, users with the latest version of the Insider program will access this new application.

Windows Defender Application Guard confirms the trend of Windows Defender

By typing in the browser about: application guard you can access more information related to this software. Broadly speaking, what Microsoft has wanted to create is a sandbox that allows the isolated execution of all the material that is available on the web pages, thus avoiding that the data stored on the computer can be affected by malware. From Microsoft define it as a virtual machine that allows a controlled execution, preventing the changes that occur to reach the file system of the Windows 10 computer.

Having said that, three functions can be distinguished:

  • Navigation over the Internet isolated
  • Ensure PC security
  • Tool to eliminate malware

From all of the above, perhaps the third is the most interesting. It is something that is totally transparent to each user. With this we mean that it will be when the user logs off when the operating system performs the screening of all detected threats, proceeding to its elimination.

To provide this feature, it seems that Microsoft is using Hyper-V and in this way add a new layer of defense that will only be applied to the Microsoft Web browser.

Windows Defender Application Guard confirms the trend of Windows Defender

In previous versions this tool was very poor when it came to threat detection. Something that is not like that anymore. With the arrival of 8 and 8.1 the improvement was substantial and stopped copying the last positions in the lists of analysis of these software. With the advent of Windows 10 the trend has been confirmed, and you can already say that Microsoft has significantly improved the security products present in their operating systems.

The web browser was one of the pending fringes, and everything seems to indicate that with the arrival of this tool the problem would be solved almost in its entirety.
The browser allows the user to determine which websites should use this sandbox and which ones do not. This allows much safer browsing and limiting the damage caused by the execution of a computer virus. Access to physical memory, hard disk and other installed applications is blocked. Even network drives or other computers will not be visible because of the threat.

Microsoft has put the stacks on security and Windows Defender Application Guard will soon reach the rest of users. Yes it is true that for the moment the company has not spoken about it, so we do not know if it will be available for all versions. Nor will the application be extended to other applications, such as Outlook.