Windows 10 prepares a radical change for new Start and Explorer

The most up to date operating system, Windows 10, that continues to evolve in many ways, and not only in terms of its functionality. There are other very important sections that also come into play such as security or the external aspect of the operating system itself.

You might probably know that we are actually talking about software that is currently installed on a billion computers and that was released just under five years ago. There have been many updates of all kinds, some greater than others, that have come to the operating system throughout this time. Thus, one of the main objectives of Redmond’s is that Windows 10 does not stop growing in every way.

Windows 10 interface The system continues to improve both inside and out

The system continues to improve both inside and out

We tell you all this because during a recent event for Windows Insiders , Microsoft has shown us a new interface for Windows 10 . In this he shows us his new vision of the system Start menu where he emphasizes the icons based on Fluent Design, among other things.

File Explorer Windows 10

Everything indicates that the new system Start menu will be released next year, although at the same time Microsoft also plans to change other areas of the operating system. So Microsoft’s product manager, Panos Panay, introduced a new user interface. This has been done to celebrate one billion users of Windows 10, a number that has recently been reached.

To the Start menu, a new File Explorer is added, similar to what we have already seen in Windows 10X leaks

Thanks to this, users have been able to see a more modern design for various elements of the system. Here they have included the File Explorer, the context menu, the Photos application, the Calculator, in addition to the Start menu. The latter is a section that will change greatly in the coming months in Windows 10. Thus, those of Redmond are currently testing a new redesigned Start menu,

In this new design, as has been seen, the signature downplays the current Live Tiles-based interface to use new tiles with a more translucent background. Thus, the Start menu will include Tiles with less color in the updated interface where more importance will be given to the information as such. Of course, we must bear in mind that this does not mean that the company is going to eliminate Live Tiles in the near future, as it had been rumored.

Saying that all these changes are designed to make the interface look more modern, eliminating unnecessary elements. Also note that Microsoft recently began shipping a new batch of application icons for Windows 10, as we have seen.

Windows 10 context menu

To the Start menu, a new File Explorer is added, similar to what we have already seen in Windows 10X leaks . Here the design and icons of the OneDrive web version are used, also modernizing this section. But that is not all, since as it has been seen, Microsoft is also working on an updated user interface for the context menu of the system. This section is accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop , and you will receive new options to navigate between files, open the browser or access the Explorer tabs.

Source: WindowsLatest