Why have a blog on my website?

When it comes to creating an online business it is normal to find many websites with static pages about the business and sales of products and services. However, not everyone decides to have a website with a blog where they can update and add content constantly. And this is a mistake that you will not commit if you go ahead in this article.

In this post you will know why it is so important to have a blog on a web page for companies or entrepreneurs and what are the advantages of having a website without a blog.

Force Google to index you more often

There are two types of website: s point we can differentiate two kinds of web pages:

Web 1.0: is the classic web of all life , the traditional and disused. Here a company says where it is, what they do, who they are and what they sell or offer. In the case of freelances it would be the typical portfolio where he shows his works. Of course, these websites do not have a blog or offer a way to interact with users who arrive at these websites.

Web 2.0 : in addition to showing the same as web 1.0, choose to offer useful information to customers and one or more means by which to interact with them. To achieve this end, more functions are added to the web: blog, enable comments on the articles, make social networks available …

As a result of this we can see that a web 1.0 does not have a great power of acquisition. The vast majority of customers will come by other means such as word of mouth or your “physical” business.

On the other hand, having a website with a blog allows you to focus more on getting known and getting your customers online without neglecting the physical business if it exists.

The fact of having a normal web page without a blog (web 1.0) will serve to have a presence on the internet and offer a virtual portal to customers where they can see their products and a telephone or contact email. But getting new customers in this way will be very unlikely, and much more nowadays where these types of websites are disappearing.

In addition to what I just explained, below you can see more in detail that creating a blog on a web page will benefit the SEO or web positioning and the relationship with the user or potential client.

Force Google to index you more often

By having a website with a blog where you can offer new and updated content with certain periodicity you will force the bots and “spiders” of Google to go through your website more often.

With this you will obtain that the new information appears before in the search engines and, therefore, position better for the new information that you are contributing.

Position for more keywords

As you have seen in the previous point, new content is synonymous with having better seo or web positioning in the search engines. Writing new articles consistently over time allows you to address more keywords related to your business and you will appear in more search results from different search engines.

In a web 1.0, however, the keywords will not change in number or variety. They will be very limited to the texts that you put in each section.

Having a website with a blog increases visits

By having a website with blog you generate content with some regularity and each article separately positions in Google. Therefore, each new article that is published in a blog will appear in one or more search engine responses to certain keywords. The conclusion drawn from this is that, the more articles, the more likely they will visit you . There are more factors that affect visibility but this is one of them.

Yes, I know that it is a conclusion taken too lightly, but doing fairly good articles, with quality information and knowing more or less SEO, this statement is true.

Creating a blog on a web page improves the user / client experience

The idea of having a website with a blog is to publish updated information, experiences, ideas, etc., in the field of your business so that this information reaches more people and find on your website a way to solve their problems or information. necessary to solve your doubts.

It provides extra information (and most importantly: quality) to the reader who will solve the doubts and also spend more time on your website, so the seo will improve and you will increase positions in the SERP.

In this case, a web 1.0 that offers a product may have a low conversion visit / sale ratio. But if we add to this website a blog where information is given and tell the advantages and disadvantages of using that product, the conversion ratio for sale will be much higher .

You create a relationship of trust with the reader

With the content marketing that you have when you write a blog, you will not only create a closer relationship between the reader and the company, but also grow credibility and trust.

Offering free information to solve readers’ problems will make them recognize you for offering your help and do not see you as a simple company that only tries to sell something without caring for customers.

Having a blog on a website is essential

As we have seen throughout this article, the traditional web is completely outside the social and business reality. I still have not convinced you to have a website with a blog? In short, creating a professional blog on a website gives you many advantages that will convince you:

More visibility and more visits.
Greater presence in the search engines.
More useful content for customers.
Get trust relationship with users.
Have greater credibility when showing your knowledge.