WhatsApp synchronization: reading the partner’s secret chats is possible thanks to a bug

Reading your partner’s conversations on WhatsApp is possible. To spy on other people’s chats just exploit this bug, read the article carefully.

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Every romantic relationship nowadays cannot be separated from WhatsApp. The instant messaging platform represents a sacred place through which to keep alive the everyday bond with your partner.

WhatsApp: how to access all the partner’s secret chats

In recent years, the vast majority of couples have also been born thanks to virtual meetings that took place thanks to WhatsApp. Especially in the initial stages of acquaintance, the chat turns out to be decisive.

When we talk about the correspondence between love and WhatsApp, however, negative traits are also evoked. For example, it is a fact that many betrayals happen right through the messaging platform.

For this particular reason, more and more people are interested in spying on their partner’s chats in one way or another. Many rely on the simplest way: direct viewing of conversations through someone else’s smartphone. This is a very simple solution, but not always effective. Who has something to hide, in fact, without any delay tends to eliminate any compromising content.

A further solution comes directly from a small but significant anomaly of WhatsApp Web. In fact, through the desktop extension of the chat, it is possible to spy on other people’s chats in real time .

To do this, you need to have your partner’s smartphone and a PC available.

Through the QR code available in the Settings section you can copy all the conversations from the smartphone to the PC in a few moments. The synchronization process is quick and above all does not require any kind of password.