Decided for a web site & thinking about its cost? (3)

Web site Creation Cost: Domain Name

The domain for your web site is most often the first contact that a user has with a Internet site address that will type in their browser or the link on which it will click. First good news: the price is mostly symbolic enough time varies according to the domain name provider (commonly known as “registrars”) and the chosen extension (.com, .net …)

The hardest ultimately remains to find a free domain name is the name of the brand or describing its field … because these low prices only apply in the case of an unused domain name! If so desired name is already taken, it is always possible to try to buy it back at its owner, but be prepared to open the wallet. This can then range from hundreds, thousands, and extreme multi-million euro for high-demand generic names. For the record the domain was bought in 2001 for $ 11 million, no less. But this is an extreme example I agree.

I also recommend going to really think to book a domain name with multiple extensions even though they will not be used immediately: they will always come in useful one day, not to mention that it saves someone else not used (as a competitor). It is therefore perhaps worth spending a few euros to reserve domain names “peripheral”.

Website design and development should be viewed as a service, not a product.

Total cost of domain name & Hosting:

A few dozen euros a year for 2-3 extensions of a free domain name … until, in the extreme, several million to a domain name already booked and high demand. Hosting simply means that storage space accessible from the Internet that will host the files on your brand new site to make them accessible 24h / 24 with a performance connection (do not imagine to leave them on the office computer).
This is another service whose cost can vary greatly depending on the needs of the site and associated services: recent euros per month for a personal blog with tens to hundreds of visitors monthly, up to several thousand for the establishment of a powerful architecture for high traffic to sites. I will not go into too much detail with this article, but in broad terms currently available on the market three major hosting families:

Shared hosting

Large number of sites share the same server resources, with the advantage of very low cost, but the disadvantage of generally limited performance, and dependence on its neighbors servers (if = a site occasionally experiencing a strong increase in traffic, it can slow down all the sites hosted on the same server). They usually leave little control on the possible settings of an accommodation with the advantage of simplicity but the disadvantage of not meet all needs. Rates start around 3 € HT / month for the minimum.

Dedicated servers

it is the extreme opposite, this time the server is dedicated to our site (or our websites), with the benefit of complete customization and performance, but the disadvantage of jurisdiction to manage and secure the machine, and a much higher rate.

Website design costs have changed drastically over the last decade

Virtual dedicated servers

VPS often named for Virtual Private Server, are roughly intermediate solution between the previous two: the site has a dedicated space that is not a physical server but virtualization. Each VPS can therefore have its own resources, its operating system and software, and can restart independently mails they are generally simpler to manage than dedicated servers, for a much lower cost.
All this does not help perhaps not many novices usually better to seek advice from a professional who considers the best solution for the needs of the site. Key elements to consider:
– The ” overall performance ” of accommodation: according to estimate the expected traffic of our website, the number of simultaneous connections, the site’s features, the need for responsiveness …
– The storage space required,
– The technologies that will be used (operating system and language of the server, database types available …)
– The services associated: automatic backups, flexibility, cache system …
– Not to mention the overall quality of service rendered by the host: service availability, documentation to use the tools, effectiveness of technical assistance …

Ensuring the proper functioning of its site in time


A step not to forget, especially if you do not have all the experience with website management. Providers usually offer the choice to provide documentation explaining the management and administration of your site, or making a direct course for you and your potential partners / employees.

A view based on your structure and your preferences, but I advise you to remember to ask your interviewer. Expect a few dozen to a few hundred euros, depending on your starting skills, the complexity of the site and the service offered (more or less complete documentation, training with movement …)

Website creation Cost: Maintenance

Web providers usually offer to their customer to handle some thorny questions for the novice: the reservation of domain names, hosting management, and to associate a maintenance service to meet all site requirements daily.

I mean, at a minimum: The backup files and databases,

– Any updates to be made ​​(necessary in the case of CMS, with regular security updates)

– A response to technical problems on the website or hosting, and bug fixes.

Which can add additional services, sometimes offered as an hourly rate, or sometimes monthly packs, such as remote assistance for updates of website content, changes or additions of minor features. ..

A kind of almost essential after-sales service for peace of mind.

Total maintenance costs: Even more difficult to define, as practice varies among professionals. Expect a few euros: months to the bare minimum.

Some recent evidence to conclude, those overall concern is to manage a project like building a website for a client. Professionals will indeed spend time to share with customers, answer questions, refine it with the specifications (see the draft in some cases!), Make models, researching a range of … tasks that have a cost for it, and that will be necessarily carried over to the final price.

sometimes we find the quote in the form of “project costs”, or the provider simply included in the proposed inclusive fee.

Here we are at the end of this long article, I hope to have helped more people to see more clearly in the jargon of professionals in all stages that have a cost to estimate the overall costs of a website.

This can especially be useful to check that all these elements have been discussed with providers, and many are on it (or them) initial estimate of detailed way. We must not hesitate in the case contrary to seek clarification, a trusted and quality contractor will certainly raise any gray areas.

If there is one final thing to remember: no secret, as in all sectors, we get what we pay. Quality at a price.

Warning :

The few published rates are the ones I usually found at the time of writing this article, based on prices posted on the internet and my own experience. They obviously vary across countries, regions, cities and, as I have explained throughout this article, heavily dependent on the customer’s exact requirements.

Professionals do not hesitate to specify or qualify the comments are open.