Decided for a web site & thinking about its cost? (2)

It is important not to forget this aspect in the design phase of a website, which can be a time or a significant budget:
– The content can be written either internally in the company, is to be entrusted to editors whose job it is (some fares ideas here).
– For image will require either tap into the stock that you already own, or take quality news (I also attracts attention to the fact that photography is an art, and that it is often better to trust a specialist for professional results) or at worst buy or draw on the photos free of copyright that can draw on the Internet (taking care to “stock photo” already seen millions of time).

This is a step that can not be improvised, because of course the content will speak directly to our future customers / prospects / customers … and it is here that the key issue is integrated in the optimization for search engines (SEO Search engine optimization): what keywords used, how to spread my message on the Internet, make sure it is shared, is there a need for purchasing ads on Google? on social networks?
I will not elaborate on this fascinating topic in this article, many existing resources on the web, but you must think I integrate this issue from the start.
In any case, if you decide for this step to manage everything internally (writing the content by you, house photos …), do not neglect the necessary time and thereby cost this represents.
Website Design Cost & Pricing. What does a website cost?

Total content cost:

You decide if you want to manage this internally stage, but especially not ignore the cost that this represents. It will take several hundred euros if you hire professionals, see as the volume of content to produce.

The development features

This is now the most technical part of the site; all the features you want incorporate. I insisted to try from the start to prioritize, to guide the development if time constraints or budget are felt.

Again, prices can vary widely according to many criteria: the requested features, expected traffic, the will of customization, technology and tools …

Depending on your needs and expectations, the professional can guide you to the optimum choice of tools and technologies and establish its estimate. Typically found when:

– For a simple website “showcase” , with a few pages the activities of the structure, and are not intended to be updated regularly: we can offer you a simple HTML site, or managed with a content management system Simple (CMS = Content Management System). However, I drew attention to the lack of interest of this type of website says “static” in view of coming forward or to ensure its web presence: users such as search engines love content made updated regularly, and are often advised to keep at least some “news” or “blog” fed quality content. Which rather leads to the next site type.

– For a basic dynamic website , with an administration interface that allows you to update your own content on your site, the CMS are widely acclaimed for their ease of use, handling speed and relative quality. There are hundreds, but some names recur frequently as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla … Some web agencies sometimes offer their CMS “homemade”, with the advantage of customization for each project, but the disadvantage of making the customer much more dependent on its service.

I personally use very often Drupal, which is certainly more difficult to handle for a novice, but allows it to be expanded very easily: even a seemingly simple project at first, it is the insurance of not feeling frustrated the day the customer demand to develop more complex functionality. But it is also a matter of personal preference.

– For e-commerce sites there are specialized CMS like PrestaShop, Magento, … CMS or existing extensions like WooCommerce (WordPress) or Ubercart (Drupal)

– Finally, for more specific sites with less common features, or special requirements in terms of safety / performance, it then goes into the world of custom developments. You may hear talk of tools such as frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, or more technologies like AngularJS, Backbone … feel free to ask providers what it is.

Each project is unique, it is also possible that a site combines several of these solutions, such as a CMS for the structure, the back office and core functionality, and development of custom modules to meet specific needs.

These are of course the professionals who will guide you according to your needs, but also by the technologies they know best. Where the differences can be found between several quotes.

In the end, the price depends on the quality of the product code, ease of use and maintenance, opportunities for future expansion of the project … So yes, son “geek” neighbor can make a after site for € 100, or you can even manage to tinker yourself a personal site … but is this really what we want to show to customers?

Another element that may make the price difference: the size of the provider of the structure to which appeal is made. At this level, there is something for everyone: for general communication agencies that outsource web part, or have an in-house specialist division, specialized agencies in the web, independent like me who offer services complete their clients. Large structures can provide expertise on broader areas, to support bigger project. Independents can offer more competitive prices, sometimes be more reactive and closer to their clients.

But these are generalities, everything depends again on the size and type of project, budget and time available, the knowledge that we already have in this area. And as in many areas there is no substitute to make his choice reputation, references, quality of relationships, the accuracy of the estimate.

It is very difficult to give prices as they may vary requested features, but from my observations prices often start to freelancers around € 500-1000 per website “showcase”, 1000-1500 € for a site basic dynamic, 2000-3000 € for a simple e-commerce site. But caution again: nothing replaces the consultation of several professionals to estimate a fair price according to your requests.