Web Inspector: verify that a site is not blacklisted by malware

We use antivirus, anti-spyware programs and all kinds of protection tools, this however does not guarantee that we continue exposed to hazards in the network. A widespread problem is malware, common in some disreputable sites and easy to spread to any other page more reliable.

Web Inspector to verify a site is not blacklisted by malware

Web Inspector is an online tool that allows us to analyze any site, simply indicate your url to see if it is free of malware or has been included in the blacklist of anti-malware organizations or the search engines themselves. This problem could happen to anyone who runs a site, with consequences: loss of reputation, site blocking, drop in visitors, etc..

Fortunately, tools like Web Inspector allow us to check for free, there is also a commercial version with protection, if our site or any other has been identified as carrier of malware. Another page you should save more in our collection of bookmarks.