Decided for a web site? But thinking about how much it cost?

Institution, NGO, non-profit organization either Small or large business, artisan, trader, association, public, community, everyone has now realized the importance of having a web presence. I’m sure that almost all of concerned people are also understand that it is not enough to create simply a Facebook page for concrete online presence.

The inevitable question that comes when you decide to get into the deep end of the Internet of course: but how much does it cost?

Decided for a web site But thinking about how much it cost
A question I have to answer almost every day for my young company.

The first answer that would come to mind is: it depends. Okay, that does not help us much. But this is not a way to evade the issue by remaining vague as possible, but on the contrary the most accurate answer possible reality.

If asked how much a car? a house? You will answer no doubt that a multitude of factors come into play to determine the range of total price, which can vary considerably.


This is exactly the same for the web; it is impossible to seriously answer the question: “how much cost a website for my business?” without much detail on the objectives, needs, the features requested. This is what professionals call the specifications, which just allows them to establish the most accurate estimate.


So how to understand the quote from a professional? Whether I am paying a fair price? Understand the differences in prices between two companies?

Here point by point the elements to consider to help you a bit in this dark world.

Cost creation website: webdesign

This is a necessary step but sometimes overlooked in the creation of a website, which depend heavily on the existing for the company / association that wishes to launch on the web:

– For some brands from scratch, creating a website may just be the right time to create its graphic identity, in which case it will be necessary to think ahead to all the elements , from basic components (brand identity, logo, colors, fonts …) to specific elements in web format.


– For other well-established brands, it will decline an existing charter and focus on webdesign.


To create the design of a proper website says, there are different solutions depending on time, budget and the will of personalization:


– The templates graphics ready exist, either for the main content management systems (WordPress, Drupal , Prestashop, Joomla …) or just in HTML, free or paid (usually a few euros). They have the advantage of being generally well made, easy and quick to set up, but in return are more difficult to customize for an original result and to overcome the impression of already seen 1000 times Site.


– The ‘basic’ templates help from a structure already ready but few advanced graphically, to further customize the appearance of the site. This is often a good compromise to move relatively quickly while trying to obtain an original result (this is for example the case for this blog, with the Bootstrap template for Drupal largely adapted to my sauce). Everything then depends on the graphic skills of the provider that you will work.


– The creation from scratch by using a web designer: it is ideal for a completely customized and original result, provided to pay the price ( a very comprehensive article on the subject , quite old but updated several time)


Of course, it seems unthinkable today to create a website without integrating the outset mobile dimension, and therefore to provide the declination of the site for all screen formats (the famous “responsives” websites) Better to ensure from the outset that your future site will take full account this setting.


Total cost webdesign:


a few tens of euros for the purchase of a theme any fact, a few hundred for a simple webdesign, up to several thousand for custom Web design of a complex site.