What are the ways to earn money from home in 2019?

Nowadays it is not easy to get to the end of the month with the salary. If you need some extra income, let’s see how we can make money online in 2019. There are many possibilities, but do not expect to become a millionaire.

Technology sometimes generates controversy because it supposedly eliminates jobs due to automation, or robots. But it is also the main creative force of employment. Every day there are new jobs in remote and new ways to earn money from home thanks to it. If your salary does not give you to make ends meet, you are a student or you are unemployed and you need extra income, we will see how to get extra income from home in 2019.

Can you make money online , legally, without doing almost anything? The truth is that yes.

Of course, we are going to discard all those suspicious and magical ways of making money that supposedly exist. As much as you insist the dozens of emails you receive daily to earn a salary of 5,000 euros a month with work from home and effortlessly (most are simply scams or malware), miracles do not exist. Not even on the internet.

So let’s put spam aside, pyramid scams, exploitation, bets, high-risk investments, and other sources of income of dubious reputation.

We bet on legal and reliable methods, to sleep peacefully at night.

Earn money from home without doing almost anything

With the works from home that we are going to explain here, unless you are very lucky or you are very, very good in a specific topic, you are not going to become a millionaire. But you can get extra income from home that will help you get to the end of the month, or allow you to buy this whim you want so much.

Or pay a good vacation on the beach …

Can you make money online , legally, without doing almost anything? The truth is that yes. You will have to put something on your part, but there are many options.

Shorten URLs

We start with an original way to earn money when you want. Did you know that some internet url shorteners pay money to shorten websites ? In the case of Shorte and Adf.ly .

If you have your own web or blog, you can shorten your URL in these services. Every time someone enters your page through this shortening, you will see an ad in which you will have to click to continue, and you will receive money for each click.

Ads on your lock screen

Apps like SlideJoy put advertising on your screen blocking your mobile and pay a bit for it. It’s not much, but you can get some euros a month. Slidejoy, the Android app with which you earn money by putting advertising ads on the lock screen of your smartphone.

Amazon Affiliates

The Amazon Affiliate program allows you to charge a commission if someone buys into Amazon through your links. If you have a blog or web you can put links to Amazon products, with your affiliate code. If someone clicks on them and buys something (even if it is not the linked product), you will charge about 3% of the sale (change with each type of product). In this article and in this video, you have more information:

Mining and trading with cryptocurrencies

One of the most controversial ways to earn money without doing anything, is to join the demanding and complicated world of cryptocurrencies. It is a speculative business, highly polluting, high risk, and a candy for fraudsters and cybercriminals. But if you are willing to take risks and inform yourself well, you can earn a lot of money with cryptocurrencies .

You will need an important initial investment, either to buy some cryptocurrencies with which to start the business, or to mine your own cryptocurrencies, an operation that requires a computer with a powerful graphics card, and electricity (you will have to leave the computer on the day). In Spain it is not very profitable precisely because light is very expensive, but it can be used to get some Bitcoin or similar.

From here, you can save your treasure and sell it when the price rises, or buy some cryptocurrencies and sell others. Many people speculate buying cheap new cryptocurrencies and selling them when they are a success, but like everything in this market, the risk is very high: you can buy a cryptocurrency and the next day drop your quote 90%, or disappear.