VLC 2.5 arrives on Android with support for 360º videos and more news

VLC 2.5 for Android allows a double touch on the screen on the right or left side to move back or forward 10 seconds to play

One of the things we do most from the mobile every day is to play videos. It is possible that every day we play dozens of videos from the mobile and in this sense the most popular app to do so is VLC. A player that almost everyone knows and is one of the most used both from the mobile phones and from the desktop computers to watch videos, series, movies, etc. Well, Android users are in luck, as they just released VLC 2.5, a new version of the player that comes with interesting new features.

This new version VLC 2.5, although it has already been released by Videolan, it may take a few hours to reach the world through the Play Store, so it is recommended that we review the version available in the Google store before of its download or update.

Among the new features of VLC 2.5, it should be noted that it includes support for playing videos in 360 degrees , Android Auto, HDMI compatibility and other features quite useful and interesting. Among them, we can say that the new VLC 2.5 includes the AVI codec to be able to play files in this format, support for VP8 / VP9 / VP10 in MP4, support for Android Oreo image mode and for screen aspect ratio 18.5: 9.

In addition, it has been integrated with Google Now and Google’s new search activity, improved playback performance for MP4V / H264 / HEVC and player start time, so it should take less time to open, etc.

Other innovations or improvements come with the player’s own experience of using VLC 2.5, allowing a double touch on the screen on the right or left side to move back or forward 10 seconds to play. It is also possible to raise or lower the volume simply by sliding your finger up or down or skipping songs with a double-tap or a prolonged touch.

To all this, it has to be added that a new classification option has also been added to the list of video, audio and browsers and the lists can be sorted by name, duration or date from the top menu. It allows the resumption of audiobooks and postcads, which are labeled as audio files, and makes it not necessary to remember where we were last listening.

Other fun features will also be able to find users of VLC 2.5, since it is possible to activate a new DayNight mode from the interface configuration, which allows changing from a day mode to a night mode according to the time of day, etc.