Viewing a private profile of Instagram is easier than you think

Instagram has undoubtedly become the most important and relevant application for sharing photos and videos. Surpassing its “father” Facebook, since this application allows us to share photos in a simpler way by applying filters with an edition suitable for any user. As with Facebook you can keep our profile private, so that only those who follow us can see it and it is not visible to any curious internet user.

Private Instagram accounts can only be viewed by those you accept upon request. While an open profile is seen by everyone without the need for any previous step. However, there are methods to view a private profile bypassing this restriction. This is totally legal, anyone can do it without the need for computer skills. In this article we explain how to view a private profile on Instagram.

If you do not want to leave a trace of our identity and you want to see the profile of that person without them knowing that it is us, you can use a false account

How to view private instagram profiles

By nature the human being like any animal, you are very curious so it is very sweet to see private Instagram profiles. For this you have several methods that you are going to explain one by one.

Submit a follow-up request

You start with the simplest and simplest method, it is something that although it is simple and takes us a second, it will leave a record of our trace, since the person you want to visit will have a request on their profile. You send the request to this user and when it is accepted you can easily see their Instagram profile , it seems like a truism but it is the best way to freely view a private Instagram account.

Use fake account

If you do not want to leave a trace of your identity and you want to see the profile of that person without them knowing that it is us, you can use a false account. You create a fake profile with fake photos and send a follow-up request, if this user accepts the request you can see their profile without any obstacles. It is quite common to see fake accounts on Instagram and most are created for these purposes.

Hiding our identity is important, but the owner of the private profile has to agree to our request so it is important to use a credible motif and photos for the fake account. You recommend using images without copyright so that the creation of the account cannot cause us any kind of problem.

Applications or tools to view private profiles

If the previous methods (the simplest ones) do not work you have other alternatives. There are tools to view Instagram that will help us see those private accounts. All of them have the privacy terms and conditions of Instagram.

View private Instagram profile with Facebook

Instagram was acquired in 2012 by Facebook, for this reason both social networks are fully linked and it is possible to share Instagram posts simultaneously on Facebook. Without a doubt, a very good option to view the private profiles of a person who nevertheless has their public Facebook profile.

For example, if a person’s private profile has their publications so that when they are uploaded to Instagram they are also uploaded to their Facebook profile and this is public, you will be able to access each of their publications without any restrictions.

View private Instagram profile with Google

Another simple method to accomplish this task is Google. Although private Instagram profiles protect the privacy of the account so that only authorized followers see its content, these can be seen from the Google Images search engine.

When accessing Google images, you enter the name of the user of the private profile that you want to see, some photos of this user are accidentally filtered as you publish in the search engine. This may be the result of those tags used or that other people who do have a public profile have tagged in those publications. With this method you go completely unnoticed since you can do the search in the incognito mode of our browser.

View private Instagram profile with hashtags

If you want to keep up to date with everything, even those private Instagram profiles that you do not have access to, there is a simple way to do it. Hashtags or tags are a useful tool to see what others are sharing. Even though the profile is private, the tags are public, so any publication that includes a tag will be seen by millions of users.

Search Instagram

All you have to do is follow those hashtags shared by the private Instagram user that you want to see. You will look for them in the Instagram suggestion bar and you will click “follow”. In any case, whenever you want to see private Instagram you must know that there is personal information there and if it is private it is because that person does not want to share it with anyone. You do not recommend making public anything that you can see in these publications so as not to break any law with crimes such as identity theft or so-called phishing that you already talk about in another article.


This tool is one of the best you find on the internet, it will allow us to see the private Instagram account without following it. You will use this tool to unlock the profile to see your full publications. You have to make sure not to open this tool with your mobile application.

You simply have to open the tool and enter the name of the user who has his private profile on Instagram. Once the process is finished, you will see the profile of the account and you can open it.


Another good tool to access the content of private Instagram accounts. This content viewer for Instagram is completely free and it will be enough to enter its website and track the profile you want to access by entering the name. Using this tool is completely safe and the account owner will not have any sign of our presence on their profile. You will not need to log in with our account to use this tool.


This is one of the simplest tools to view hidden Instagram profiles. You will only need to enter the name of the profile that you want to see. You will almost instantly see the profile of that user in question. You just have to access their website for free and click on the search button.