Video calls and their excess, when telework is synonymous with wasting time

Figures from Zoom, the most successful video call platform during the confinement of the health emergency, has become one of the most used applications with 300 million daily participants in video calls. At the beginning of this situation, video calls were associated with encounters with family and friends.

Above all, among people who remained hospitalized, or to alleviate loneliness. But, when they have made an appearance in teleworking, video calls have sometimes become a tool, more appropriate to distract than to provide practical content that helps the worker to better carry out their workday.

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We need contact with our colleagues and superiors. Knowing what plan to follow weekly or every fortnight, but what is not to be received is to be attentive to the next video call for an issue that can be resolved by email without the need to exhaust and waste the time that you telecommute.

Teleworking requires a lot of discipline , especially if there are children at home. What an employee needs the least is continuous interruptions to ‘important’ meetings that are still an excuse to talk about everything and nothing.

The video call is not a malicious or positive tool , as everything has to find a balance when using it. Those who had already been teleworking know that the excess of meetings without a clear objective, leads to the concentration being lost and that colleague who with good predisposition is contributing positive ideas, will not be heard, when on the other side there is a mentally exhausted employee.

Meetings have never been our forte in many countries, neither face-to-face nor by video calls . And always for the duration of them and for not planning them. It is not uncommon for meetings to end up leading to personal issues that, in the end, take time away from the fundamentals and we forget that we work from home and at the moment it is not so easy to release stress.