Viddme, the fastest and easiest way to share videos

No problem when you need to publish and share video through a network all know so popular and effective platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, to name just two examples. But it may happen that our idea is to share videos without having to create an account on these sites without registration, simply upload your video and share it with our friends.

publish and share video through Viddme network

This is where appears Viddme, a site where anyone can upload their videos or even animated gifs, for a link that can be sent via email, messaging, posting on forums or share on social networks. The process is virtually anonymous, because as I said no you have to register or leave any personal details.

To upload videos or gifs that we just want to share drag on the Interface page, we can also state your url if they are already hosted on the internet. Another possibility is to use their mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.