Prevents USB data from modifying or deleting: USB Flash Drives Control

It is a widespread custom to use USB drives for storing data so they can be used when you want. In addition, it is a quick and easy way to share with your family and friends all kinds of files. However, it is possible that on occasion, to share your USB drive with another person, it have been mistakenly seen as data are deleted or changed.

Therefore, if you do not have a backup of the data stored in your USB memory, it get lost. It is always advisable to back up your data before sharing USB memory, but it is true that on many occasions we can forget or have simply created a document on another computer that is not ours and we could not back up.

USB Flash Drives Control

One way or another, a good option is to set the protection of our USB memory, ie, protect our data writing or disable access to reading making use of some use as USB Flash Drives Control . There is a free and very simple to use tool that allows us to protect the data stored in our memory USB so no one can modify, delete or even read them and avoid the launch of executable files s.

To start using USB Flash Drives Control, you need to download the program from this link, proceed with installation and launch the tool once we connect our USB memory to the computer where you have installed. Then we will see how they are just clicking the right mouse button on the icon storage unit that appears in the taskbar of Windows, there appear different configuration options.

Among them, we can make a choice read mode or write Mode, which allows you to read data, while if it is disabled will be inaccessible documents to the user. Write mode makes all data stored on the USB memory are read – only and can not be modified if it is disabled. It also has the Run mode , which as we activate it or not, allow the launch of executable files from USB memory.

As a last option, also it allows to establish that the tool will always start at boot time for Windows to default configuration options USB flash drives connected to your computer apply to all computer users.