Turn Twitter threads into easy-to-read articles

Twitter is the social network of short messages: 140 characters converted into authentic information pills. However, many are struggling to use Twitter to create endless threads with several (many) tweets. Reading this type of thread is very uncomfortable, although some contain really interesting information that we do not want to do without. What is the solution? Very easy: turn those tweets into easy-to-read articles.

Spooler is an application that, in a few seconds, moves all information from a thread of tweets to a blank sheet to make it the classic article

The solution, as we said, is simple and is called Spooler, also known as Spooler (BETA): A tool that turns Twitter threads into blog posts.

Spooler is an application that, in a few seconds, moves all information from a thread of tweets to a “blank sheet” to make it the classic article that we would find on any blog. Spooler is free and extremely effective, as it is limited to copying the original information, no retweets, no likes, no responses that have had that thread while it was being written. Nor does it write the date of publication of those texts, nor other minor details.

Of course, Spooler does not forget the elements that complement the original text , that is, it takes with it both the images that the thread creator uploaded and the videos that you have introduced throughout your exposition.

Let’s take action: how do I turn Twitter threads into articles? The first thing to do is open the Twitter thread that you want to display in post format. Head to the last tweet of this string and open it. And copy your URL. To do this, simply open the tweet and copy the URL of the address bar or click with the right mouse button on the date of the tweet and click on “copy link address”.

Now you have to open the Spooler page, in which you will have to copy the URL of your clipboard in the box intended for that purpose.

Keep in mind that if you have never used the application, you will have to log in with your Twitter account. The process will be automatic if you already have the password saved in your browser. To make the conversion, just click on “Spool it!” And the application will move that thread so interesting and difficult to read to a blank document, with its images and their corresponding videos, but without all the straw that there is through.

The process will take a few seconds (or minutes) depending on the length of the string of tweets. In fact, the app says it takes about two seconds to copy and clean each tweet , even though you have done the test several times and the load time is considerably less. And the result is splendid, since all the tests have returned an easy-to-read post.

By the way, if you want to share the resulting article, at the top of it is highlighted a link where it says “Copy this URL” accompanied by the option to tweet the link to the full Spooler article. No more scrolling to read the chains. Spool it!