Top 3 strategies to monetize your website

By now you should know about the importance of having a good email marketing strategy when creating your blog or setting up your business. Part of this strategy is to apply different techniques to attract users, because, as you know, without a solid database, your efforts to optimize your email marketing program will be useless.

Emailing is a strategy that should not be missing in your marketing program. Some of its many advantages include its immediacy in generating visible results, the possibility of segmentation and personalization, low cost, flexibility and ease of measuring results, as well as being a fundamental tool when communicating and generating fidelity.

Real strategies to monetize your website

If consent has been given, the user will not see your email as invasive and if it is of interest will generate an immediate response that will allow you to know their tastes and interests. It is essential, however, to refrain from sending unsolicited or deceptive information, as this can severely affect the reputation and, therefore, the delivery of emails.

This guide gathers the strategies known to capture new contacts to make your website profitable. Below we will give a review of each of them, their advantages and disadvantages.

Prior to this, it is important to meet a number of requirements on your website:

Short and simple registration form

This is where you want your potential customers to leave their data. This is why it must contain the main fields in order to apply a good segmentation, but it should not be so long that the user loses interest and leaves.

Visible link on the web

In addition to a landing with the form, on the main page of your website there must be a visible link so that people can sign up for your newsletter.

Explicit permission

You must ask explicit permission to send emails to your potential customers, explaining very well what kind of information they will receive from you and in addition you must keep a record of the process in case of legal problems.

Welcome message

It is important that you send a welcome message to the user who has signed up for your program. Ideally it should be sent immediately after the user’s subscription, or at most 24 hours later, and indicate the information about the type of emails that will receive and the frequency of sending.

These are the main recruitment strategies:

Strategy # 1: SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

As the name implies, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a form of Internet marketing that involves promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results. By SEM strategy I mean organic traffic and sponsored traffic.

From organic traffic we have talked countless times, since a good SEO strategy is indispensable if you want your potential customers to reach you through search engines like Google or Yahoo!.

In addition to this, sponsored ads from Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Facebook ads, among others, can be very useful when directing traffic to your form.

Another very important strategy is marketing in social networks. This is a type of marketing that involves the use of social networks by a company to convey to consumers that their products or services are of value and achieve greater interaction with them.

The set of SEM strategies is essential when it comes to customer loyalty and to make your business profitable.

Strategy # 2: Display

Display advertising covers everything that is advertising in text, logos, videos, photos or other types of graphics. Among the types of advertising on display we highlight: banners , pop-ups / pop-unders and text ads.

If you are determined to get users through the display technique and you want to increase your ROI, then you want to know the main strategies of segmentation:

Segmentation by behavior, or put another way, make use of cookies to decide what type of ad to show a certain user. It is possible to collect data from the multiple external webs through which the user navigates to create a detailed profile of the user’s interests.

Geo-targeting, collecting that information through the user’s IP to display ads based on their location.
Semantic and contextual advertising, showing only those ads related to the content of the page where the ads appear.

Here you will know more relevant information about the Display, among other types of Online Advertising.

Strategy # 3: Email marketing

Whether through CPL campaigns for lead capture or CPM to reinforce our brand image, the email marketing strategy can not be lacking in your recruitment plan. Once our own database is generated, it is time to maximize profits by encouraging a second purchase and through virality.

  • Here are some recommendations that you must follow to optimize your email marketing strategy:
    Keep your customers’ data up to date (for example, through surveys).
  • Continuously send reconfirmation emails to your users in order to keep your database updated.
  • Always plan the theme of the campaigns and the objectives that we seek with them.
  • Carry out a correct segmentation (geographic, demographic or behavior).
  • Include relevant content of interest to the reader, this way we will not only achieve high profits in the short term, but also a good reputation that will help us to have better delivery rates.
  • Create viral campaigns, offer discounts on purchases, offer relevant products or services for free, make all kinds of promotions, sweepstakes and contests to keep your base active.
  • Adapt email to all types of email providers and devices. With the rise of smartphones, it is essential to have an optimized mobile version.
  • Run tests on a continuous basis to improve ROI for campaigns. For example, launching campaigns at different times of the day to identify the best time to send, the ideal frequency of shipments and the days on which customers react best.
  • Be direct and concise. You can already include detailed information on the landing page, the email must be clear and short.
  • Take care of the landing page, this should be the most similar to the newsletter.