Top positioning techniques on YouTube

Did you ever wondered how it is possible that a youtube video that has the name very similar to yours, which has a similar description and a series of similar characteristics, may appear in better positions on youtube than yours?

You have to know that if your channel already has many visitors and subscribers


Here comes into play what is known as positioning on YouTube. It is a series of techniques that you can use with the idea of getting your videos to the top positions. Read on to find all that still work.


You should not forget that YouTube also works by positioning keywords; The problem is that the vast majority of tools that exist to locate them do not work very well. We recommend that you research the latest trends you can find in the market to know what you have to do with the videos. Be sure to place these keys in both the title and the description as well as the keywords below the videos. This will make it easier to position themselves.


Imagine that for example, you are going to make a video that talks about the unboxing of the ps4. Surely there will be many youtubers who have been ahead of you and others who are going to release videos after yours.

You have to know that if your channel already has many visitors and subscribers, they will soon be ahead (regardless of whether they have uploaded before or after your own).

This is where the concept of relevance comes into play: really against this you can do nothing more than upload and upload videos. Sooner or later you will hit some to help get that special “push”.


The more the video is shared, the easier it will be to position itself. One of the best practices you can do is to use social networks. Here you must share any type of video that you do; In this way your friends will be able to see it and share it at the same time.

Do not wait for the video to come up on its own because it probably will not. As soon as many of your friends have interacted with him, this will be an indication for the platform and will itself be in charge of increasing positions.


When making a video you have to take into account:

  • Quality: The more quality a video has, the greater chance it can be shared.
  • Duration: YouTube usually gives more value to videos that last longer (from 5 minutes the video is considered relevant).
  • Importance: Try to always create content that can attract the user. If you raise them from things that no one cares about, you will not have visitors.
  • Links: Never forget to link to other videos from yours.

Follow these tips and succeeding on YouTube will be less complicated.