3 tools to streamline your online social networking campaign

In the technological civilization in which we live, time is money, and money is power. So the faster you are, the sooner you can get success and profits from your investments. Precisely in that sense, we are going to offer you next 3 tools to streamline your online marketing campaign in social networks.

Social media is vital in any minimally serious online marketing campaign . But we can not waste hours adjusting the publication, looking for groups to share our content or simply updating our page. Precisely to make this faster and more agile, tools of vital importance have been born in this regard.

tools to streamline your online social networking


This tool is vital in any online marketing campaign on social networks. It is a plugin that consists of a button that is implemented in our blog or web. Thanks to it, users who visit your site can share content on any of more than 200 different networks with a simple click. This facilitates and streamlines the process for clients or followers and allows to reach a greater audience through third parties.

In addition, you can also install the Addthis toolbar in your browser. This way, you can include the icons of your preferred or preferred networks. So, whenever you want to share content, you just have to click on any of them and you will see the communication box to do it immediately.

Thanks to Addthis, it saves a lot of time and improves in the publication in networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Google+, to cite only the most important ones.


Another vital tool for any online marketing project . Thanks to it, you can share an immediate, joint and simple publication on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. In addition, it allows programming content. In the free version, up to ten articles or links can be prepared to be launched progressively at the rate of two newspapers in the previously established schedule.


Better known as JustUnfollow , just changed its name, is really useful for handling Twitter and Instagram. It can be published both from the tool and the mobile application, lets you know recent unfollowers, new followers, lists of people that can be interesting to know for our business, stop following users, etc.