These are all the news we know so far of Windows 10 20H1

As we have been mentioning these last weeks, at this time Microsoft is already testing what will be the first major update of Windows 10 for the next year 2020 , since the firm considers that there are some functions that need a long period of experimentation to prevent them from failing when thrown.

For the time being it is known as the 20H1 update , and thanks to the versions sent to the Insiders and the ISO version that we can now download

For the time being it is known as the 20H1 update , and thanks to the versions sent to the Insiders and the ISO version that we can now download , we know some of its novelties, something we will talk about below. To begin we will talk about one of the functions that we already got with the May 2019 Update , Windows Sandbox , and that allows us to test programs in an integrated virtual machine so that it does not affect the rest of the system. Well, as we know, Windows 10 20H1 improves this feature with the arrival of new configuration files that allow users to configure some sections such as custom configurations for the GPU , the network and the shared folders ; In addition to support for quick access keys in Sandbox full screen.

Changing by third, improvements have also been introduced in the Notepad application , so if Windows 10 is automatically restarted for updates and a Notepad window was open, after the restart will be restored the content not saved in this . Similarly, another application that is implemented by default that receives improvements is Your phone , since Microsoft is now extending the compatibility of the screen duplication feature of this app to other models such as OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10 +, among others.

In this way, we will now have the possibility to see incoming notifications from the terminal in real time, customize the notifications that we want to receive, or delete them one by one, or all at once.

Other improvements that will come in Windows 10 20H1

Similarly, another of the important improvements will reach an element as used in the operating system as the File Explorer , since the 20H1 introduces a new search experience in the Explorer through Windows Search . In fact, the content stored in OneDrive will now be integrated , all in addition to the indexed results of the local disk drives.

With this, what is achieved is to obtain a drop-down menu with the suggested files when searching in the corresponding search box of the Explorer . To all this we must add a currently hidden feature that allows predictive writing in Windows 10 20H1 , and have also introduced several improvements in the role of the Narrator, which is now more efficient when reading the tables. In the same way a new command arrives to the Narrator that offers us a summary of a complete web page.

Regarding the accessibility of the system, the Windows 10 20H1 Magnifier has a new function that allows us to keep the text cursor in the center of the screen , which facilitates and smoothes the writing when using this element in particular. Another important section that will also receive improvements is the Task Manager , where we can see the type of disk in the performance tab and thus know if the PC has SSD or HDD storage. Likewise, the Windows Update function has also been revised, with which Microsoft introduces in this section a new option to limit the bandwidth that will use the functionality when downloading new updates both in the first and in the background, something that also affects the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.

And we will end with the Windows subsystem for Linux or WSL 2 , which will eventually reach Windows 10 20H1 with a new architecture that powers the Windows subsystem for Linux and at the same time to be able to directly execute Linux ELF64 binaries, in Windows 10.