The importance of having a file manager on Android Devices

The file managers are applications that are indispensable in any mobile devices, particularly Android, as we allow them to keep control and management of all files stored on your device.

Today, every Android user, especially those with a little advanced knowledge, wants to have full control over their files. It is very likely that your mother or grandmother who uses the phone to send messages and make calls will not be very useful, but there is no doubt that if we like to fully customize the use of our phone or tablet, we must have one installed.

One of the most popular file managers in the entire Android universe is ES File Explorer. This app is known to all Android users who want to have advanced control of the files stored on our phone, tablet or device that runs with this operating system.

They are applications that allow us to manage the files that we have stored on our device in a practical and easy way

What are file managers?

They are applications that allow us to manage the files that we have stored on our device in a practical and easy way. For example, they are used to search for files, move, copy, delete, create folders, change file names or extensions, among many other useful options.

It is something very similar to having all the features of Windows or Mac in terms of file or folder management in the palm of our hand. This is something that, without a file manager installed, we couldn’t do.

Imagine that you want to move a file from one folder to another or from the phone memory to the SD card without any tools like these. There would be no way!

Advantages of having a file manager installed

The advantages are many, but we are going to list a couple just to make you realize the importance of installing a tool of this type.

  • They allow us to manage files and folders quickly and comfortably on our device.
  • We can copy, move, delete, rename, change extension, duplicate, and many other options with any folder or file.
  • You can manage single or multiple files at the same time. This is very practical if we want to move many files or folders at once.
  • They allow to handle compressed files such as ZIP or RAR, either to compress or decompress.
  • Some file managers allow us to access them remotely. For example, to access a file stored on the phone from the computer.

Another great option that some apps of this type have is that they give us the possibility of sending files between the PC and the mobile device through WiFi, without any type of cable connection.

If you are an advanced user, you can also edit files with a code editor that supports multiple formats such as PHP, XML, Java, etc.
In short, it is an essential tool to have installed on our Android devices, since it gives us the possibility that our phone or tablet has the same “power” as a computer when managing files.