The best websites and applications to encrypt and decrypt files safely and quickly

The security of all the information that we currently use in our Windows-based computers is basic, especially if we take into account that over the years the amount of personal data we have dealt with has increased substantially.

That is why at the same time every time we take more precautions with these files and folders that we consider sensitive or personal, using some of the methods of protection that the various software developers propose us. And it is necessary to take into account that no one would like that confidential or simply personal information , fall into the wrong hands due to a security breach, or just for an oversight that we ourselves provoke.

best websites and applications to encrypt and decrypt files

That is precisely the programs that we can use at this time and that will help us with these purposes, as happens with the ones we are going to show you in these same lines. As we have said on more than one occasion, it is always advisable to have a security or antivirus solution installed on our computer , either for example, the one that integrates with Windows 10 itself , or another third party. However, in this case we will not focus on this type of programs, but we will talk about local software and online platforms that will help us encrypt those files that we want to protect.

These proposals will be of great help to protect certain files or folders from outside eyes in the case that, for one reason or another, they have access to that confidential and sensitive information.

Applications and websites to encrypt files

This is the case of the AxCrypt program , a powerful software that offers us an internal 128 or 256 bit AES encryption system that also allows us to work directly with what we have stored in our Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, among others. services of this type. Once we create the personal account with an email, we will only have to select the files and folders that we want to encrypt from here. At the same time it is worth mentioning that this proposal also proposes an online proposal that we can use from the browser .

In the same way we can use these same protection tasks of DiskCryptor , another software of this type that makes use of a symmetric algorithm with AES 256 bits support to encrypt our personal information . It also provides us with a user interface that is very simple to use and allows us to encrypt complete partitions or disk drives, all with a master password that we must keep in a safe place, as is often the case with these programs.

At the same time, if what we need is to encrypt a file at a specific moment quickly and without complicating our lives, we can also use the web application . Thus, once we have connected to the official site of the application, in its user interface we will have to upload the files to be encrypted through the “Browse” button. Next we will have to create, as recommended from the platform, a secure key to serve as a key for the decryption of the file that we just loaded, so it will appear on the screen and we keep it in a secure place. Next we will have to click on the “Encrypt” button to start the encryption process protected by the key that we just generated.