The best safe browsers to navigate the Dark Web

The best safe browsers to navigate the Dark Web
Surely most of you are already fully aware of the importance that in these times have a type of programs used and widespread as are Internet browsers , either on desktop or mobile devices.

And it is necessary to bear in mind that these products are what allow us to move through the Internet in the most productive, simple and safe way possible, all this also with a series of additional functions that, as a rule, put our provision. It is precisely for this reason that, as time goes by, the importance of choosing the proposal that best suits our needs increases.

Although the browser most used globally in full 2019 is the one developed by Google , we refer to Chrome , likewise we can make use of many other proposals of this type that will present certain advantages and disadvantages with respect to the popular software of the giant of the searches.

But the most experienced, or simply those who want to go a step further in terms of the use of the Web , may want to venture into the so-called Dark Web , a part of the Internet something more “hidden” and generally not we can access with a conventional browser. That is why in these lines we are going to show you some of the possible proposals of this type that you can install on your computers to access the so-called Dark Web .

To start we will talk about the most used browser in these cases, which is none other than the Tor Browser , a proposal to move through the Dark Web that is the most popular in these environments and that is belonging to the Tor Project , signature that is behind from the same Tor network . Well, to start we’ll tell you that this software is based, as maybe many of you already know, in the Mozilla Firefox tool, with other additional options based on privacy and security.

Internet browsers to enter the Deep Web with security

With all this, what is achieved is that, once we have installed and executed it in any of the compatible operating systems, all the traffic that we generate from here will pass through the Tor network, with the advantages in terms of privacy that this contributes In addition, as it could not be otherwise, this program does not save any user data and navigation as such, so it is one of the most suitable alternatives for these tasks to which we mention.

Similarly, in the case that we want to try some other proposal that is not Tor, Whonix is another multiplatform alternative that we can use practically in any team very similar to the first option that we have proposed, but with slight differences. In fact, for example this software to which we mention does not allow the tools used by the user to be made public, hiding our IP address in the networks in which we are going to move.

Tor Browser

At the same time, it proposes new functions aimed at taking care of the security of its clients, protecting us against all types of external intrusions or malware attacks, although the program is part of an operating system that runs on a virtual machine and also has other functions. additional applications, all with privacy as the first objective.

In addition, to navigate through the Dark Web, we can also choose to use the browser called Invisible Internet Project , another proposal that will allow us to access that hidden part of the Web, compatible with multiple platforms and operating systems and that we propose a series of layers in which the navigation data is used in order to try to hide our identity, all of this to, among other things, prevent us from being tracked.

To all this we can add that the program use its own encryption for each and every one of the connections that we carry out from here, and that it also puts at our disposal a good amount of customizable options to adapt the browser to our personal needs or to the how we are going to use it.

Firefox Deep Web

And finally we can not forget one of the general purpose browsers most used in the world as Firefox from Mozilla , I’m sure many of you do you use right now and we will also make it possible to surf the Deep Web . Of course, for that we will have to change an adjustment that is established by default in the software itself, otherwise we can not enter the aforementioned dark web. To do this we just have to write the command “about:config” in the navigation bar of the program, locate the entry called “network.dns.blockDotOnion“, and change its value and set it to “False“.