The best Netflix horror movies you can see in 2019


These are the best 10 horror movies of Netflix, a selection of the best scary tapes that we can see on the streaming video platform if we want to spend a restless night.

Netflix is ​​a real well of content in which we find ourselves from authentic audiovisual jewels to movies that we would not even recommend to our worst enemy. There are genres that tend to be always good, action, for example, but others such as comedy or terror are somewhat scabrous.

A few days ago we told you what were the best laugh movies on the platform, and now we will see what are the best scary movies of Netflix . Of course, as with comedies, the Netflix algorithm is not too good when it comes to classifying productions, finding tapes that have nothing to do with the root genre.

But do not worry because here we are to tell you what are the 10 best horror films of Netflix , a series of tapes for all tastes and ranging from supernatural terror to demons and the most twisted of humanity.

 After experiencing fear, it will be best to relax with the best comedies


Blindly is one of the best Netflix horror movies right now. Sandra Bullock makes a masterful interpretation in an original Netflix film that places us in a future in which an invisible presence “invites” everyone who sees him to commit suicide, in the worst possible ways.

It is assumed that the entity takes the form of the worst nightmares of each individual , which makes them look for suicide, and to avoid it, survivors must cross the territories on the outside with blindfolds.

It is an interesting film, which puts us to the limit on some occasions and that has become one of the best Netflix horror films, as well as a most interesting thriller that rarely falls into the conventional.


Babadook also goes from strange events caused by a mysterious presence, but the tone changes completely. Here we are before a movie of ” ghosts ”, but one of the good ones. Are you looking for a 4K HDR TV? Discover the cheapest models on offer. And, it is a film starring a mother and her son, who after reading a ghost story, Babadook, begins to show behaviour problems.

The Babadook is a ghostly presence that harasses this family and that drinks from James Wan and his style of terror: a lot of insinuation and little show … until a certain point has arrived where everything becomes a festival of scares that will make us look under the bed before sleeping.

If you like ghost terror ” intelligent ”, it is one of Netflix’s best horror movies.

The orphanage

In a similar tone, we find The Orphanage. The Spanish film directed by JA Bayona is an authentic delight of terror , of that which insinuates and keeps us in tension throughout the film until an end that gives goosebumps.

A family moves to an orphanage where the protagonist, Belén Rueda, was raised, with the intention of reforming it and turning it into a home for children with functional diversity.

Everything was fine until, suddenly, his son Simon begins to show strange behavior and talk about a boy named Tomás, a little boy with his head covered by a bag with two holes for his eyes.

Although there are occasional scares, the best is the story and, above all, the climate of tension from beginning to end .


From one Spanish … to another, although with a very different tone. Verónica is a production directed by Paco Plaza, who brought us in his day the revolutionary REC. She tells us the story of Veronica , a young woman who, after playing a ouija with some friends, is harassed by a ghostly presence. It is supposed to be based on real events that occurred in the 90s in Vallecas.

There is nothing gratuitous in this tape, since the objective of Plaza is to create a stifling atmosphere . And he gets it, creating one of Netflix’s best horror films right now .


James Wan is a genius of cinema , that simple. He is the creator of Saw, but has also created tapes like Dead Silence or The Warren File. Terror is especially good, but it has also left its mark on Furious 7 or the recent Aquaman.

Insidious is one of Netflix’s best horror films, and one of the best we’ve seen in recent years for a very simple reason: after years of falling down in the genre, Wan came back with a movie of ghosts and haunted houses with two very different parts, one sublime and the other … that’s good, it lets itself be seen.

As we say, Insidious goes to ghosts. A family, made up of a father, mother and two children, moves out of the house, but one of the children falls into a coma. It seems that it is not a comma. At that moment, the dark forces begin to harass the family.

The first half of the film is about insinuations, creating an atmosphere that leads to a very interesting scare dance , with a final girito. It is one of the best Netflix scary movies , and obligatory for all lovers of the genre.

Sinister 2

And if you like haunted houses and scary movies with children, Sinister 2 is going to love it . It is closely related to the first installment, but we can see the sequel without problems, since they share the universe, but not protagonists.

It’s one of the films that we can not say much about, since it’s about children who follow the commands of a supernatural entity, Bughuul, who wants to shoot a snuff movie.

It’s one of the best horror movies we can find on Netflix , although it’s not to see at night if you’re scared …

Of course, if you like this tape, you should see the first one . Not only is it much better in all aspects, but the original one. And Ethan Hawke plays a spectacular role.

File 39

And of ghosts … the devil himself . File 39 is a controversial film, since it is not one of the best horror we have on Netflix, but if you want children’s dramas, demonic children and the presence of Satan, it is one of the best we have on the platform.

It is a film in which we accompany Emily Jenkins, a social worker who takes the case of Lilith Sullivan (Lilith, what a coincidence the name), a girl who has been mistreated and is now relocated to a new home.

However, it seems that the fault was not of the parents, but of the girl. As we say, it’s not Netflix’s smartest horror movie, but it has good points , especially during the first half of the movie.


Hush moves away from paranormal phenomena to show us something that is more scary than ghosts, the human being. The film is quite interesting, since it is a very low budget film that, nevertheless, manages to create very, very interesting moments.

The story tells us about Madison Young, a deaf writer who goes to a rural house lost in the woods to try to finish her new book. He receives visitors and everything goes well, until he stops receiving them and a mysterious murderer with his face covered by a mask enters the house.

We can not reveal much more, but there is tension from beginning to end , and if the ghosts invite you to look under the bed, this will make you go to close the door of the street before the end of the film.

The ritual

Another simple, but effective, scary movie that does not mess with the supernatural is The ritual . There’s nothing too elaborate in this movie, but it’s still really interesting.

In it we accompany four university colleagues who, a few years later, meet to embark on a journey through a dreamland. However, without knowing it, little by little they get into the mouth of the wolf, until they meet with ” something ” that is not at all hospitable.


And we reached the end of the list of best Netflix horror films with one of those that some will not consider terror, but others because of the tense climate that is achieved in some parts of the film.

Multiple is a tape that we can not talk about without falling into gutting, but you should know that M. Night Shyamalan has created an authentic jewel starring a fantastic James McAvoy , a person with multiple personality syndrome.