Best sports games for Android Device

Sports games have had difficult times to keep up with what happens with video games of other genres, always speaking in terms of quality. These days, we will find multiple alternatives, however, not all of them are really polished and usually, they are freemium games, something that is certainly disappointing, but that does not mean that it is not worth playing other titles, especially if those titles are on this list.

Best Soccer game on Android

Best Soccer game on Android

Fifa 16

[Price: free with in-app purchases]

FIFA 16 is the latest game in the FIFA franchise and is considered one of the most popular sports games available within the mobile sector. Works within the freemium model. The idea of ​​this game is to build our team using the cards we will get. The game has had its problems, especially on older devices, but it is still the most complete soccer game available to date. He has updated his lists, we have more than 10,000 players and more than 500 licensed teams at our disposal.

Best basketball game

NBA Live

[Price: free with in-app purchases]

NBA Live is the official game of the NBA. It is what one would expect from an NBA game that focuses on realistic graphics and, as with others, has the mechanics of collecting cards so that basketball players can be hired and then team up with them. It has updated records for each NBA team, along with a variety of game modes to keep things interesting. It includes a season mode, as well as a face-to-face online mode, where you can challenge other players. It’s a freemium game and it has all the problems associated with this format, but it’s really good enough to be a mobile game.

Best hockey game

Patrick Kane’s Hockey Classic

[Price: $ 2.99 with in-app purchases]

This is a hockey game where you can simply play hockey, this as a member of the USA team or as Patrick Kane in the NHL. It has an outstanding variety of game modes, including Playoffs and challenge rivals. It is a paid game, but we would not be surprised if they include a new type of payment model in a future update.

NHL SuperCard

[Price: free]

NHL SuperCard is also a pure card collecting game to form our team. It has more than 450 players currently active in the NHL, this along with some legendary players to collect. The central premise is to gather players, form teams and then challenge other teams online. Unlike what happens with most sports games, this is based on a simulation system instead of actually making us play. It’s not surprising, but it’s definitely not bad.