Social media marketing: a good way to attract more customers

Social media marketing

The impact of social networks has settled on the market in such a way that it is already an unequivocal part of the business world. In the digital age we have seen how tactics have changed and much of this has been achieved by the social network .

The main advantage it offers us is that we have an audience of no less than billions of people connected, becoming a great source of dissemination that we can not ignore. The greater the reach that we achieve, the greater relevance in the market … besides, the opportunities of viral marketing also end up being completely interesting.

There is a whole series of social networks: it is clear that some are more relevant than others. But since you will not have enough time to keep them all (it is practically impossible), you should only look at those that can help you the most.

What can this type of marketing be for?

  • Capture more audience: The company uses marketing to attract more partners , followers or visitors, since social networks move a lot of traffic.
  • Extend the image of the brand: They are also a powerful resource that will help us to extend our brand image throughout the market.
  • Information: Through them you can give information on relevant articles, promotions, offers, discounts, coupons or whatever comes to mind.
  • I advise you to take a look at this article to share in social networks content automatically.

Social networks for which you should bet for your business

Facebook: Facebook stands out for having a lot of potential in the public … now, it is not a very simple tool to use. You have to know that there is a lot of competition. While some companies see very interesting results, there are others that have real difficulties in reaching some type of benefit. With social media marketing we have to start building relationships between different companies.

With this I want to say that it is not going to be worth simply to create the page of the company and wait for it to come up on its own; the idea is that we take care of keeping it published constantly and avoiding launching SPAM (or at least doing it in a discrete way).

LinkedIn: This social network is designed both for companies that want to be relevant on the Internet and for users who, for example, are looking for a job or a new way to find a job more suited to their interests and aptitudes.

It is estimated that it has about 100 million users so we should find a really effective strategy to address them. In fact, I’m starting to apply some SEO strategy on this platform and the results have been pretty good.

The idea of ​​this social network is to create connections between users. It’s much more serious than Facebook: you do not only look for sponsorship, but you also have to create a good curriculum or trajectory that really can be worthy of admiration.

If we work on the profile it will not be long before very interesting opportunities appear on our doorstep.

Twitter: Another of the most important social networks that we find in the market. If we can translate everything we want to tell into the 140 characters that they give us by tweet we can surely reach any client easily.

This ability to summarize will make the user not bored and really interested in what we have to tell you.

Like the two previous options, it is not as easy as to write and think that this will be enough to attract visitors. We will have to have followers, follow us to those who write on topics relevant to our subject, use hashtags and a whole series of resources.

I am sure that these three social networks will help you to enter the world of social media marketing . So if you are starting with a blog or an online business, or even if you want to take your company to the next level, do not hesitate to take advantage of social media marketing in your strategy.