RogueSploit: a new tool for creating fake access point and capturing data

In Softeview we have said on many occasions that it is never advisable to connect to public Wi-Fi networks that you do not know, today we bring you a tool that is able to create a fake access point, namely RogueSploit and is very complete, ideal for auditing Wireless.

Top Features of RogueSploit

This tool is a script that what it does is automate the creation of a false access point, it incorporates a DHCP server, the possibility to perform DNS spoofing, host redirection and even perform a complete Man In The Middle connection to capture all The data of the clients connected to that fake access point.

RogueSploit evade HTTPS protection from different sites to capture clear text, and a whole lot of possibilities

What will RogueSploit serve us for? Mainly to learn how to perform audits in networks, thanks to this tool we will place a false AP in the environment to connect various wireless devices to it, in this way, we will be able to test the main attacks on networks like DNS spoofing, host redirection, Man In The Middle attacks to capture all the information, learn how to evade HTTPS protection from different sites to capture clear text, and a whole lot of possibilities.

The script needs third-party programs to operate, specifically using the popular Aircrack-ng wireless audits program, will also use the dhcpd server to mount a DHCP server on the network, Metasploit Framework to exploit various vulnerabilities in connected clients, dnsmasq to power Do DNS Spoofing and many others.

RogueSploit has been tested on the operating system Kali Linux, an operating system well known by all security researchers since it has a lot of tools preinstalled, however, this script is programmed in bash so in principle would be compatible with any Linux-based operating system.

How to download and run RogueSploit

The first thing to do is to clone the GitHub repository with the following command in bash:

git clone

Once we have cloned it, we must enter the directory and execute the script as root:

sudo ./RogueSploit

The first thing the script will do is verify that all the software it needs to run is installed, so it is advisable to use the Kali Linux distribution since everything is installed by default.

You can visit the RogueSploit project in GitHub , there you have all the information about this script and download it totally free. We recommend you visit our page dedicated to networks and the page dedicated to computer security where you will find many manuals.