Ring Indoor Cam, a compact security camera for home use

We are sure that we all know the firm Ring with its security cameras and camera porters that connect directly to our mobile devices. Well, today we have on the table the new Ring Indoor Cam , a small security camera that has cable power, has an HD resolution that thanks to its size goes unnoticed in any corner.

This Ring Indoor Cam allows us to be quietly away from home and to be able to see from our mobile device what happens inside them, it will never stop since it has a power cable and not a battery (although they have an equal model with battery if you prefer) in addition to having a really adjusted price , so we have an option to consider if we are looking for a security camera for our home or office.

Ring Indoor Cam model exists but with a rechargeable battery and that in this case the Indoor Cam is a camera exclusively for indoor use, this camera should not be placed in external locations

A security camera with an exceptional price

We will start with everything that is added in the box of this camera and we can say that we have everything necessary to perform a simple and quick installation. We can install this camera on top of any place thanks to the base that it brings but if we release it the small screw that it carries in the central part we can place the base on the back and in this way place the camera attached to the wall . Yes, also add the dowels and screws to be able to hold the camera on any wall.

In addition to the camera itself, the wall charger is also added with the cable that is microUSB , two power adapters that include that of our plugs, installation, assembly and warranty manuals and some stickers already popular in Ring products to warn that the area is being monitored with cameras.

Main specifications of the Ring Indoor Cam

This small camera has great specifications for any user who is thinking about acquiring a security camera to think about it and it can be cheaper than hiring an alarm system with conventional video surveillance. While it is true that we will need to hire the Ring Protect service (which we explain below) is even cheaper. But we are going to what interests us now that are the main specifications or the most prominent of this Indoor Cam.

Video 1080p HD resolution to watch live video and night vision
Vision angle 140 ° diagonal
Audio Two way communication with noise cancellation
Dimensions 45.8 x 45.8 x 75 mm
Connection requirements It requires a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps, but the recommended speed for optimal performance is 2 Mbps
Connectivity 2.4GHz 802.11b / g / n Wi-Fi connection
Indoor Cam Cam Ring

Alexa compatible

We can connect the Indoor Cam directly to our Echo Show, Echo Spot or Fire TV so we can see from anywhere what is happening where the camera is located. Simply with an “Alexa, show me the room” and you can watch the video live from your Echo device .

Logically it also has its own app for iOS and Android totally free , which allows us to watch live video anywhere. In addition it is not necessary to activate the Ring Protect plan that they have active to receive movement alerts for example, do not worry about it, we can receive these alerts thanks to the application itself without having to hire the plan.