QNAP Remote Manager Plus: a centralized management software

Well-known NAS device manufacturer QNAP has released the QNAP Remote Manager Plus trial version, or also known as QRM+. QNAP Remote Manager Plus will allow you to manage multiple devices on the network, through a very intuitive graphical user interface.

Top Features of QRM + (QNAP Remote Manager Plus)

This software is specifically designed to work on QNAP manufacturer’s NAS devices, in fact, not all models are compatible due to their hardware requirements. In order to install QRM + it is necessary that the NAS has at least 4GB of RAM and have one of the following models:

QNAP Remote Manager Plus is specifically designed to work on QNAP manufacturer's NAS devices

TS-x70, TVS-x82T, TES-x85U with QTS 4.2.2 or higher operating system.
TVS-x73 with QTS 4.3 operating system or higher

In case you do not have one of these NAS, it will not be possible to install it. A very important detail is that currently QRM + is in the testing phase, so it could still have bugs. The installation is done as usual from the QTS App Center in the beta software section of the manufacturer.

QNAP Remote Manager Plus will provide small business IT staff with the ability to manage and monitor multiple networked computers (servers, PCs, laptops, etc.), so we can manage them together, so management tasks will be greatly simplified.

QRM + incorporates a web-based, HTML5-based user interface to provide maximum compatibility with all web browsers, making it compatible with any Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS system. This software incorporates IPMI 2.0, so those responsible for IT maintenance can monitor the status of all compatible devices. Another very interesting feature is that QRM + also supports KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) to allow multiple clients to connect to a remote server simultaneously.

The QRM + control panel gives the administrator the ability to customize it, thus giving priority to the monitoring of a finished computer, in addition, QRM + is able to detect the network topology that we are using, mapping all the Equipment and showing the status of the connection, what type of device has detected and even its status.
You can visit the official website of QNAP Remote Manager Plus , where you will find all the functions of this software in detail. We recommend you visit our page dedicated to the manufacturer QNAP where you will find in-depth analysis of some models of NAS, soon also we will offer a complete analysis of the software that incorporates QTS, the popular operating system that governs the NAS of this manufacturer.