Protect your USB removable storage products with USB Pratirodh

It is increasingly common to use all kinds of external removable storage devices such as hard drives or USB drives to carry all of our data over at all times. However this type of products entail some dangers that can undermine the safety and privacy of this information , sometimes sensitive.

Therefore, it is sometimes advisable to use certain safety tools that help us safeguard everything that we have stored these devices in order that it can not fall into unwanted hands. For all this below we are going to talk about USB Pratirodh, a free security tool to control the use of this type of USB removable storage products .

Protect your storage devices with USB Pratirodh

To begin with we will say that the Internet is not a precisely safe place, since it harbors certain dangers including malware or ransomware of which we can be victims at any moment. In fact, with the use of these malicious codes , cyberattacks are gaining access to all kinds of confidential information, including the details of our credit cards or the banking credentials we commonly use on smartphones or PCs .

This is one of the reasons we are going to talk about USB Pratirodh , a new encryption tool for Windows that allows users to control access to removable USB storage devices. In fact this software will allow us to have a greater degree of control over the USB peripherals that we connect to our equipment , so it will help us to protect ourselves without cost.

How to Protect USB storage devices

With its use we will ensure that only users authenticated with USB Pratirodh have access to the same mass storage device and that the rest is blocked. To begin we will say that the installation process is the usual in these cases, on the web we find a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version . After the installation process you need to create a username and password .

The main screen of the program consists of four main tabs, from “Account Options” we can change the password and configure the system of recovery of the same one. On the other hand in “User Manager” is where we add new users to the application with their own credentials, while the “Device Manager” is the section from where we created an ID for each of the USB mass storage devices, This section activates the automatic protection to make access to them unique.

We can incorporate as many USB devices as we want, all of them uniquely identified, so each time we connect one of them to the PC , the user will be required to authenticate with the username and password specified a priori. In addition the data contained in this USB will be encrypted and the same program comes with a malware detection function.

Finally we will say that to uninstall this application of the system, it is necessary to have the corresponding password initially assigned by the administrator .