AnimateGif, free and portable software to create animated gifs

If you want to create your own animations in gif format without tools or complex programs with many configuration options, probably AnimateGif is the solution you’re looking for. This application is completely free, portable and compatible with the Windows operating system in its different versions.

The first thing that strikes you is its interface, simple as could be, which clearly shows the few steps to follow to create a gif from a series of images animation, supports the most popular image formats.


The first step is to drag and drop onto the portable software window images that will make up our animation, then we can set the speed of the frames, indicate whether you want to activate the ‘Loop’ continuous play mode and set the image quality resulting.

Following these simple steps, only remains for us to click the ‘Animate’ button and wait for it to complete the process of creating our animated gif. Usually post, email, share on social networks, etc..