Pokémon GO is updated to version 0.69.0 for Android and to 1.39.0 for iOS with numerous innovations which mainly concern the new game dynamics in gyms and raids and also icons are added to the information screens on Pokemon to indicate how he was caught . You can now turn the gym hard once the Raid and send the defending Pokémon berries gyms always on the information page, even when you are not nearby.

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They will give berries defending Pokémon gyms even if their motivation meter is full. There are new terms of the Pokémon Collection screen and some minor bugs are corrected search in addition to those that prevented complete with Raid seconds still available and on the return of those defeated at the gym defense.

The last update had been 0.63.4 for Android and 1.33.4 for iOS. The novelty of this update were not many, on the contrary, are limited to the words “implement bug fixes” i.e. correction of minor bugs such as those that may be encountered in the struggles in gyms when trying to dodge an opponent and this attack is recorded later, resulting in “crash” graphic level.

Finally they reduce the waiting time for loading of video games on devices with Google OS, that the latest version had really stretched and burdened much. Equally well received troubleshooting Pokemon Go Plus accessory connectivity problems that are inaccessible very easily. There are also the usual “Minor text fixes” that actually conceal extensive code updates for future innovations and there is the support of the chair’s Roller Apple Watch.

Pokemon Go is ready to upgrade to version 0.53.1 for Android and 1.23.1 for iOS with many new features that go far beyond what is predicted by Niantic with his new post on the official website. The developer has announced that it has improved GPS accuracy to avoid the drift that is the result of geographic location, but is a boon for players who take advantage of this little mistake to put the farm kilometers standing still (at work, for example); the first give feedback, however, the drift as still present. In addition, on Apple Watch shows the eggs obtained from Pokestop and there are the inevitable correct textual errors.

But there is much more because The Silph Road has “undermined” the code finding: many new moves, well 38, which were introduced in preparation for the almost imminent release of the second generation; objects for the evolution that as in Gameboy games allow to go to avoid the usual procedure linked to candies, note Upgrades Porygon 2 for example. Moreover, new forms and new customization were introduced. But the most obvious change is related to the sex of Pokemon with gender officers and now, for example, Pikachu with the female with heart tail.