Photoshop Express: retouch your photos on Android more easily

Adobe has released a new version of Photoshop Express to provide more editing capabilities to users. A change in this charismatic and popular tool that will not only power the tool of photography, but makes it accessible to new users thanks to their news. All this in order to remove red eye, enhance the brightness of a dark photo or retouch any detail that is not pleasing to the user.

Although Photoshop Express is not as complete and powerful as the computer program itself it is a big help to remove blemishes and get the most from an image. More than an update, as discussed in the official blog of this tool have redone the application from scratch in order to accommodate the latest generation of Android. That is, for terminals with Android 4.4 KitKat. Issue which affects all generations to discover how it is able to edit and process stored in the memory card Micro SD images much faster than in previous versions.

Photoshop Express to provide more editing capabilities to users

This radical change also affects the design. So the most inexperienced user no longer has to move around menus to find the main editing options. All have been brought forward to be comfortably visible and available. This is just select the tool filters, to cut (to change the format), elimination of red eyes or the AutoCorrect from main screen to apply the changes to the image. And there’s more new issues.

Other menu options like the corrections that lets you change the hue, brightness, saturation and other aspects of the image, now has sliders. That is, a new control to adjust gradually and controlled all these corrections. A convenience for users who want to focus on seeing the result and not the percentage of the applied tool. All powered by the new engine Adobe company, owns this tool that improves outcomes and makes everything work smoothly, but without losing features.

Photoshop Express is now available for Android

Along with these technical issues, the folks at Adobe has worked for the application Photoshop Express can also work with another of his creations, Adobe Revel. A service of online storage (cloud) to save all the photos and videos of the user. This makes it possible to store a copy of the retouched images Photoshop Express and share them later or not from Adobe Revel. As long as you count with both installed in the terminal.

In short, a change in both the functional and visual touches depths option to give more users to retouch your images. A tool that is not only powerful and capable, but also free. The new version of Photoshop Express is now available for Android through Google Play.