Photoshop CC Hacked By BitTorrent And P2P Networks

In barely twenty-four hours of its official release, Adobe’s cloud software Photoshop Creative Cloud has been hacked, and now the BitTorrent and P2P networks are brimming with cracked versions. Recall that Adobe announced a new subscription system a few months ago, which would acquire product licenses monthly or yearly through the cloud, with the aim to prevent piracy of popular image editing program. The system has not been effective and easy to find a pirated version of Photoshop Creative Cloud on warez pages, bitTorrent network and through file sharing programs.

These versions “medicated” Photoshop CC are prepared not to seek internet authentication Adobe’s servers, thus being able to use the software package without checking for unlimited time.

As far as the functionality is concerned, despite being a pirated version, you can enjoy all its features and functions, except for some associated features with the integration to the cloud (Creative Cloud).

Adobe's subscription-only Photoshop Creative Cloud has been hacked

This comprehensive Adobe Photo Editor is traditionally the most pirated in its segment and its new subscription system via internet intended largely offset this, but unfortunately for the U.S. Software Company headquartered in San Jose (California), has been demonstrated ineffectiveness in just one day.

Photoshop CC novelty included as a new tool of focus, and camera RAW 8 rounded rectangles with editing capability, new shapes and paths, improved painting and 3D effects and the camera image stabilizer, a copy of CSS attributes plus thanks to Creative Cloud connectivity and integration with Behance for better sharing of projects, among many other new and enhanced features.

What will be the next step for Adobe to prevent piracy of its software?