Photoful: beautiful photo organizer for iPhone

There are still a few months until the expected time to test the new operating system from Apple. But until that time comes surely many applications will adapt to what is to come, especially from the perspective of design. But others, like Photoful directly have gone further and have already integrated some peculiarities of iOS 7 on their applications.

Photoful is a beautiful photo organizer for iPhone built for iOS 7 that is actually a descendant of PhotoSocial. And the truth is that it is quite surprising since its design fits perfectly with iOS 7 and its characteristics also have much to do with what Apple wants to do with their new devices.

The first thing that stands out is its design. Domina white and your organization is based on albums that are placed depending on the day the photo was made, and which marks the location. On the main page you can make photos and albums smaller and so more or larger display and show less. This organization could be seen in other applications such as PhotosPro, a similar application but with fewer options as they do not allow editing of photos, but yes that organizes and places the photos on a map depending on your location.

Photoful is an application built for iOS

Photo Editing

As seen in one of the latest announcements from Apple, the Cupertino company is betting big on the photos and so in its new operating system have been completely renovated both editing photos as your organization. Besides, many gestures are added throughout the system to perform actions faster.

Well, with all this already Photoful added. Besides having a design similar to the iOS Reel 7, it also allows editing of photos, with a number of possibilities worthy of the best photographic applications in App Store.

Download the app Photoful for free fromApp Store

As for gestures it is not far behind. To share a photo you only have to slide your finger from left to right and you can upload the photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you make the move from right to left, the photo will go to the recycle bin after the application can recover.

So if you do not want to wait any longer and want to have a photo app that will come in the fall with iOS 7; you can download the app Photoful for free from App Store here.