Phantom Dust: first details and long gameplay video

The Polygon portal has exclusively presented the first video gameplay of Phantom Dust , remaster eponymous title that will be available later this year for PC and Xbox One. The remastering of the game launched on the original Xbox in 2004 course will provide the canonical technical improvements planned for these issues: 1080p and aspect ratio 16: 9 on Xbox One and 4K resolution instead of PC (and, I might add, presumably on Xbox Scorpio).

Microsoft says that the original spirit of Phantom Dust has not been affected

All card data for every single skill in the game are now stored on Microsoft servers, which will allow the company to immediately launch patches and fixes to improve the experience playful balance in real time.
They have also been made of the changes to the progression of the single player campaign: players can now log into your deck even in the early hours of gameplay. In addition, in Phantom Dust the failure of a mission for three times in a row will give way to skip it and continue to enjoy the story. It is a choice, the developer  of Phantom Dust admits that at first sight may seem controversial. In fact born with the need to please all palates: those who never jump a mission will obviously be rewarded than those who prefer to devote more attention to the story.

There will eventually be contained additional downloadable free and paid, including the accelerators for multiplayer to allow users immediate access to this portion of the game. Microsoft says that the original spirit of Phantom Dust has not been affected and those who want to grind and play exactly like the time can do so safely. Simply, it was decided to give freedom of choice to all, including the ability to get into multiplayer and play immediately. Expect at this point more details at E3.