Online Reputation and SEO: How are they related?

Today in Web Marketing we are going to teach you that online reputation and SEO go hand in hand when you want to make your web page triumph over the rest.

We all know the importance of having a good online reputation today . Website reviews are becoming increasingly important and a negative can make us lose all our credibility as a company.

In this matter it is very important that we are pending, we probably have some negative opinion at some point, but we must work and strive to make them isolated cases and still solve the problems of those unsatisfied customers.

If you use storytelling or relationship marketing strategies , social media will be much more effective in creating new conversions in your business.
How can SEO help our online reputation?

Applying an SEO strategy on our website will provide us with a better positioning in the main search engines, which will provide greater confidence to users.

The search and consumption patterns have changed , therefore, the better positioning our company has, the better online reputation we will obtain thanks to that aforementioned trust, in addition, we must bear in mind that users mostly use Google as the preferred search engine , which almost 80% of users stay on the first search sheet and almost 90% of users take reviews into account in their purchasing decision.

What SEO strategy to follow to grow my online reputation?

Here are some strategies to follow to improve your online reputation with SEO:

Create your own website: One of the first steps you have to do to have a good online reputation is to have your own corporate website. You must invest in having a modern, original and striking design ; since a careless design will make users have no confidence in the professionalism of your business.

Importance of a blog: Many people do not give enough importance to their blog; And it is a very important point to obtain a good SEO positioning. We recommend that you create your own blog and create content that has to do with your business, in this way, exposing your knowledge, you position yourself as an expert in the sector.

Press releases: Publishing press releases in online newspapers will add credibility to your business that will undoubtedly attract more traffic to your website and with this you can achieve more conversions.

Local SEO strategies: Another vital point of online reputation that we will achieve with SEO is to propose local SEO strategies. For this, we will have to register our company in Google, and from there create a file that is most specific to our business, adding address, photos of the business, description of what we do, etc.

In this way our local customers will be able to know our business by using Google Maps.

For example, if you want to have a good web positioning in Seville , it will be essential that your Sevillian users find you easily through local search engines.

Use of the social network

To grow your online reputation with SEO, you should open a profile on different social networks ; In this way you can directly have feedback from your customers and attract those who are not yet customers of your business.

If you use storytelling or relationship marketing strategies , social media will be much more effective in creating new conversions in your business.

Register in directories

Appearing the directory will provide us with links to our page which will provide us with an increase in our authority.

Have all domains

If we buy all the domains that have to do with our brand, we will make sure that any user finds us easily and does not have the confusion of going to another company.

SEO-Off page strategies

Having links that go to our website will offer us more traffic and authority, therefore, we must propose SEO strategies off page to obtain all the possible links of the best quality.

What do I do with negative comments?

At the beginning we commented on how damaging negative comments can be for your company , network users increasingly take into account the opinion of other customers before deciding to make their purchase .

Therefore, a bad comment can cause you to lose sales and trust in users, therefore, we will explain what you should do in case of having a bad review about your business.

Create a situation control plan

On many occasions we can find negative, disrespectful, even aggressive comments; We must create a control plan to manage this type of comments without actually offering a bad response (since this will condition other possible clients).

As you receive a negative comment, you must create an investigation to check if we are doing our tasks wrong .

Optimistic responses

  • We must remain calm and be very polite when answering these types of comments.
  • We will always respond in a friendly tone, making the client see that their satisfaction is the most important thing.
  • We must also bear in mind that we must find a solution so that the client is happy with the company despite the inconvenience and thus obtain a good review.
  • It is also very important to always answer so as not to fall into “who is silent gives”; in the end the users will be able to see that if there is an error you put a solution and that offers more confidence.

Do not ask to remove comments

Even if you have solved the problem and the customer is satisfied, we should never ask to delete their negative comments; apart from the fact that other clients or users will see that we are decisive people in the face of problems; Asking those comments to be erased will give us a reputation for coercing freedom of expression that will backfire on us.

And so far the article on how to create or improve your online reputation with SEO , we hope we have been helpful and that you take into account our tips when creating your own strategy.If you liked our article, do not hesitate to share it in your social networks.