MS Outlook hacked: Microsoft asks to change the passwords

Outlook hacked: Microsoft asks to change the passwords

The insecurity returns to be present in the world of technology and, again, Microsoft returns to make the protagonist. It was announced that Outlook , the company’s email service, was attacked by cybercriminals, who accessed the private content of several accounts.

According to The Verge , the Outlook hack took place earlier this year, between the months of January and March, and was more serious than assumed. Microsoft did not disclose the number of accounts affected by the cyber attack, but noted that only 6 percent of its users were affected. A percentage that could be higher if we take into account that the Palo Alto company tends to minimize the facts.

When the hack was first reported to Outlook it was said that hackers could only access the subject of the emails, not the content of the emails. The truth is that they had full access to the emails: emails, attachments, folders with saved emails, deleted emails, etc.

Microsoft said it made the necessary repairs to its mail system, blocking the entry of hackers to the email accounts that were violated. However, Outlook recommends that all users change the passwords of their emails for greater security.

In addition, the company reported that the attack of the hackers took place because one of their employees lost their access credentials. Outlook often scan the emails that reach their users, this being exploited by cybercriminals.

It is believed that the hacking of Outlook was not for the purpose of stealing information from its users, but was in order to restore Icloud accounts of Iphones that are reported as stolen.

Everything indicates that the company is going through a rough patch. Not only his mail service was compromised, his browser and his operating system, the most used on the planet, were also attacked. A big problem that keeps Microsoft employees working for long hours.

Kaspersky Lab was the one who reported on the security flaw that Windows 7 and Windows 10 systems present that allow cybercriminals to have full control of computers . Hackers take what is called a “back door”, a weakness of the operating system, to install an undetectable malware for antivirus.

Hacking detection was a difficult task because of how the infections occurred. However, Microsoft would have solved the problem with a patch released on April 15 , which promises to completely close the “hallway” used by malicious hackers.

For what there is still no solution is for Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft Internet violates computers when the user saves a site and then see it offline. This generates a copy with MHT format, which when executed allows the entry of hackers.

The company that owns Outlook said that it is working to solve the problem that Internet Explorer 11 presents, although there is no estimated date at the moment. Therefore, to avoid the infection of computers, it is recommended to use other web browsers.