Mozilla blocked the Flash plug-in in Firefox

It was not a great week for Adobe. The company has faced some situations that developed from the attack suffered by Hacking Team. 400GB of data stolen from the Milan-based company known for spying software DaVinci, were disclosed some 0-day exploits, including specifically a couple on the browser plug-in for Flash. It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mozilla disables Flash plugin in Firefox over security flaws

In recent days he has spoken on the subject Alex Stamos, chief security officer at Facebook, which has informally asked on Twitter Adobe to stop Flash development, and declare to the public a date “end-of-life.” It not asked of course to eliminate overnight all types of support to the plug-in, as several websites and browsers still use this, but to manage a situation that is becoming unmanageable.

Now it’s time for Mozilla, which has warned that it has blocked all versions of Adobe Flash Player on your own browser, Firefox, because of the latest vulnerabilities discovered on the plug-in that would leave your system vulnerable to remote attack: “When Mozilla is aware of add-ons, plug-ins or other third-party software that compromise the security, stability or performance, such software may be blocked by default,” he wrote Mozilla commenting on the news.

Mozilla is the first company to take such a drastic decision. All versions of Flash will be blocked on the browser until Adobe will not release a more stable version. At the time of writing, the company has not corrected all vulnerabilities from attack gutted to Hacking Team, but showed some diligence to take the field to solve as revealed by the recent hack.

Internet Explorer still uses Adobe Flash to YouTube by default, while Chrome and Firefox have already moved toward HTML5. But many are the services that still use the plug-in to Adobe and, considering the advertising market, talk of a sudden block of the plug-in of Adobe seems today rather utopian. What is certain is that the decline of Flash is now announced and during construction and news from Hacking Team have probably accelerated the outcome of the fate of the plug-in from Adobe.