The most secure web browser for children

Surely those who are parents ask about how to control the children using a computer, especially if it is provided with an Internet connection. Internet, without due care, can become a potentially dangerous site, mainly due to the threats that are nested in innocent games, social networking applications and other services offered by the network.

How to control what our children do on the Internet?

The answer is complicated, and varies with the age of the children. For older children, we can implement some obstacles as the one explained in this article, or modify the security settings of Internet Explorer, in the case of default browser. Now, if your children are really small, you can find a quite effective solution with Kidzy browser, the most secure web browser.

Kidzy is a web browser for kids that thanks to the “pruning” of many of the basic features you can find in any other browser, achieves that your children enjoy the internet the way they deserve, as they are not able to access they are not subject to any kind of problems. In Kidzy, which control what children see parents.

Kidzy is a free browser designed specifically for children

Kidzy is a free browser designed specifically for children. You are not going to find in any of the features so common in other browsers, just find the controls to navigate between pages and little else, but the secret of Kidzy are his special tools filtering and bar predefined sites, which are the real tools that will help you to keep your children away from inappropriate content on the Internet.

But besides this, Kidzy provides excellent ease of use, as well as an extraordinary facility for navigation.

Features of Kidzy

This web browser for the kids has been developed based on well-defined three concepts: blocking sites, the maximum time that children can be online, and the possibility of pre-defined sites. At this point, you can find a overview of them.

Blocking sites

Undoubtedly, one of the best options, as if integrated with internet blocking software, this feature allows you to block all types of sites, from social networks to Internet sales sites, including all those which could be dangerous for the eyes of your children.

To use this option, all you have to do is move to the gear-shaped icon located in the lower right corner. There you will find everything you need to enjoy your children safe navigation.

Maximum time spent on the Web

This is a function that parents who have to leave their children at home for a few hours to maximize know. Using this feature, we will be in a position to very easily control the time they spend our children surfing the net.

Predefined Websites

This unique feature allows you to control the type of website you can visit our children. Best of all is that we have total control of what they see small by allowing you to add specific web sites of your trust, which will be available for children as an image in the main bar of the browser.


Internet can provide hours of entertainment and education of an excellent standard, but it is also possible that your children encounter trouble spots. That is why such tools become essential to combat these risks. This Kidzy browser is perhaps the simplest and most effective in children’s market, and it’s free.

If you want you can download for free Kidzy clicking on this link.