Monitors the status and health of laptop battery

Currently, when we have to buy a new computer, there are many who prefer a laptop instead of the typical desktops, allowing greater mobility, since they allow to be working on the couch or take it wherever you want. And it is that along with its compact and lightweight format, laptops also have its own laptop battery so you do not have to rely on outlets.
generate a report of your laptop battery in Windows
Therefore, the battery of laptops is one of the most important components of these devices, since it malfunction or low autonomy, we define the dependence of a plug. Hence , it is extremely important extremely care of your laptop batteries, thus extending the autonomy and life in general of the component.

So much so, it is advisable to have on your computer with software to keep you aware of the health of the laptop battery, as any carelessness, such as excessive temperature, voltage with which we perform refills or other factors can damage battery. So we want to show BatExpert tool, a free software for Windows that you will be able to have information about the state of your laptop battery.

BatExpert health status and battery

The application will give us information on the current battery level , remaining time for download, your status , if you are loading or not, the voltage received, power , etc. Also, we will provide other information such as the name of the manufacturer , the code of the model battery and health level at all times. In this way, we can always have on hand the general state of our laptop battery so that if at some point we detect something wrong we can prevent it from being damaged or simply to know how long we have to stop having to connect to an outlet or if we we need to start thinking about changing soon.

BatExpert , a free software for Windows that we will be able to have information about the state of our battery
Therefore, if you want to start controlling the overall health status and battery of your laptop, just go to this link and download BatExpert. Once the application is installed, see how it has a really simple interface where we can see all information at a glance. At the top you can find the percentage of battery with which we have at all times, as well as voltage, power, status and runtime .

Below are the details of the manufacturer , component, percentage of health , temperature and load cycles . While at the bottom, we found that pressing a button on it leads to a page with search Ebay to buy a new battery in case we need to replace it .