Microsoft Edge continually lost market share

Microsoft Windows 10 Browser is not being a success or not of public criticism. With regard to criticism, this may be more subjective. Microsoft Edge sure like some more than others. But when it comes to public data show that every time you use a percentage of retail Windows 10 users, unlike what you might have thought at first.

Computerworld, a US online magazine, has made ​​an analysis of the data provided in recent months by companies that measure the market share of operating systems both browsers. It analyzed the numbers Net Applications, StatCounter and DAP and although his Data are very different, there is a clear trend in all published statistics. Microsoft Edge falling every month since Windows 10 was released, that is, making a summary of his very short and very exaggerated situation, the day had a higher percentage of users was the first day of life. Everything else was downhill.

Microsoft's new Edge browser is being used by a only minority of those running Windows 10

Different sources, same result

You remember that Net Applications shows their data of users who visit the sites of its customers. One is based on US data , but normally a good summary of what is happening in the world. It offers a much more positive for Edge, as they say in August was used by 39% of users of Windows 10, while in November fell 31.2%.

StatCounter bases its results on pages tracked by its global analysis program. For them, in August Edge was used by 15.2% of Internet users who have Windows 10 and November fell to 12.9% . These are global data itself, and that is why they are lower than Net Applications.

As for DAP, data are taken from the user visits to various government websites in the United States. They are local data, but still reflect the same. In August market share was 24.6% in November and fell to 22.4% . Always, as in the two previous cases, if you only look at the data of users of Windows 10.

This means that Edge has not hooked to almost anyone. The vast majority of users of the new operating system still prefer competing browsers and beyond a company offers better data than another, what is clear is that in all analyzes, as more time passes the less percentage of users used. It is also true that each month there are more people using Windows 10, so, although it may not lower the total number of users of Edge, it does down the percentage of users of Windows 10 that uses the new Microsoft browser. And while this reading is more positive for the Redmond not mean it’s the way to go.