10 Things You Must Do After Installing Windows 10

When we newly install Windows 10, or buy a new computer with pre-installed Windows 10, we often do not know where to begin to configure it so that we can make it fully functional and ready to start using it. So in this article we are going to talk about the top 10 things you must do as soon as installing Windows 10 from scratch or buying a new computer to make it ready for day to day use.

The first thing to do is to check that your installed Windows Operating System is properly activated or not. This way you can avoid getting scared in case you are using a trial version or a version with a pirated license that could at any time leave you without access to Windows security updates and patches.

must make sure that your Windows has all the security updates installed to date to avoid using a vulnerable system

Secondly, you must make sure that your Windows is properly configured to receive the updates automatically.

Thirdly, you must make sure that your Windows has all the security updates installed to date to avoid using a vulnerable system.

Fourth, if instead of installing Windows 10 from scratch you have bought a new computer with the preinstalled system then you must search and delete all the junk applications, crapware and bloatware, which comes installed on these computers.

Fifth, it is advisable to install the essential applications that you are going to use. Within this point the examples can already be very different between some and other users, but in general, the recommended applications to needed to make your computer fully functional are:

Office suite: Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Open Office etc.
Web browser: Google Chrome, Firefox etc.
Media player: VLC, Potplayer etc.
Compressor and decompressor files: Bandizip, Peazip, Winrar, 7zip etc.
File Download Software: Jdownloader, IDM etc.
If we want to simplify this task, we recommend you try Ninite.

If any of your components need additional software to function to the maximum (for example, keyboard and mouse control center (such as Logitech), helmets a surround sound virtualization software or Nvidia / Ati), then you must install it in sixth place to get the most out of all these devices.

Customize and configure Windows 10

Seventhly, you should take a few minutes to check the configuration of the operating system and all its components, such as Cortana. In this way you can configure it, for example, with the privacy options you want to avoid sharing more account data with Microsoft.

Eighth step will be to customize your Windows to leave as you want. Here you can change from the background and all the main colors of the system up to the theme completely and even the sounds and the mouse cursor. Everything to make us feel as comfortable as possible while using Windows.

The initial installation and configuration of a computer usually generate many temporary files and junk files, so the ninth step you must do is a general cleaning of the system. To do this, you can use the tools provided by Windows (such as disk cleaner) or use applications such as Ccleaner for this.

Finally, in tenth place, and only if you want, you can make an image of your hard drive so that, when it goes wrong, you can restore it in a few minutes and leave everything as you have it right now.

If you have problems to use Windows 10, in the following link we leave you a free basic level course of Windows 10 in which we explain the elementary concepts of this operating system.

Windows Defender Security Center

As you can see, we have omitted some configurations, such as installing the antivirus (since we believe that with Windows Defender most users will be protected from today’s computer threats, especially from Creators Update) and The installation of drivers, as Windows 10 recognizes virtually all the components we can have on our computer, and even allow us to have versions of drivers more updated than those we can download from the manufacturers’ pages.

Anyway, whoever, you can always install the drivers by hand (or with auto installer applications) and even install the antivirus that you think will best protect your computer and with which you feel more secure.