Huawei lost membership status of US-Based Wi-Fi Alliance

Huawei receives another bad news. After being excluded from the companies with which to do business in the US, it has now been excluded from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Huawei technologies have been the subject of serious attacks / threats from Washington for a couple of years now. The United States warns that the Chinese giant’s smartphones and network equipment could be Trojan horses for Chinese spies. This although the Chinese company has repeatedly denied such claims.

Huawei receives another beating, it will no longer be part of the Wi-Fi Alliance

The United States issued severe warnings to the Allies. On May 15, the threat was taken to the extreme when President Donald Trump banned American companies from transacting with Huawei.

Huawei, the bad news continues

Google first released its missile on Huawei when it withdrew access to the Chinese company for Android services, followed by Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft and Arm. The Chinese giant has also been excluded from being a member of the SD Association. Now, the company has also been relieved of membership in the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The ban is temporary and, even if it does not mean that the company can no longer produce Wi-Fi products, it means that Huawei will no longer have any influence on where Wi-Fi technology is going.

The Wi-Fi Alliance fully complies with the recent US Department of Commerce order without revoking Huawei Technologies membership. The Wi-Fi Alliance has temporarily limited the Chinese company’s participation in the Wi-Fi Alliance activities covered by the order.

Huawei was granted a three-month subsidy from the Commerce Department until August 19th. President Trump expressed the idea of ​​using the Chinese technology company as a lever in ongoing trade negotiations with China. So the fate of the Chinese company is based in part on Beijing’s desire to start a discussion between the two countries.