How you should clean the screen of Mac so that it does not suffer damages

Whether or not you are a cleaning maniac, it is clear that you will like to keep the screen of your computer. Whether due to accumulation of dust, fingerprints on the screen or any other trace derived from the everyday use of a Mac, your screen will require a cleaning that although it is not necessary to be done daily, if it requires a certain frequency of cleaning. That’s why in this post we’ll tell you how to clean your Mac’s screen, what products you should use and what other factors you should consider.

How to clean the screen of your Mac

Whether you have a MacBook, an iMac or a third-party monitor , cleaning it should be very careful. It is not worth doing it in any way or using any product, as this could cause your screen to suffer some damage. Sometimes that damage is not instantaneous but the materials resist over time causing the quality of the screen to worsen considerably.

Apple advises a series of norms so that this cleaning is good and although it is true that it is focused on products of the company, in the end it can be used for any other monitor or computer.

This is how you should clean the screen of your Mac so that it does not suffer damages

Unplug power supplies, devices and external cables.
Use only a soft, lint-free cloth .
Keep liquids away from the product , as they could spill and damage the device.
Avoid the use of abrasive cloths, towels or toilet paper , especially if it is of low quality.
Do not use aerosols, solvents or other abrasive liquids or that are not sold for screen cleaning.

In addition to all this, Apple recalls that the warranty of its products, as well as AppleCare’s extended warranty does not cover possible damages for liquid s. So the most advisable if you suffer some kind of similar damage is to take your device as quickly as possible to an Apple Store or authorized technical service to resolve the damage or prevent it from going further.

What products to use for cleaning of LED screen?

Although we have already seen how important it is to avoid abrasive products that damage the screens, the truth is that there is a variety of certified products for this task and whose chemical components will not damage the materials.

The certified products are perfect for the cleaning of all types of television screens, computers, tablets, smartphones and also of all types of material, either LCD or OLED. With just a small spray applied on the wipe, you can pass it through the screen to remove dirt from it. Once you have done it you can dry it with the other towel you have left, although for that you must differentiate it for this use of drying and in no case apply the product.

It should be noted that the material of the wipes is of very good quality and is made so that it does not give off lint or scratch the screen. Along with the liquid, it is one of the best-selling and used products for screen cleaning.