How to wipe a hard drive in windows 10 by keeping no trace

When we are going to get rid of our old PC for any reason, whether it is to throw it away or to sell it second hand, it is essential to delete all the information contained on your hard drive to avoid possible consequences. Our computers contain all kinds of personal and economic information inside, and if you do not want this data to end up in the wrong hands, you must clean the hard drive so that there is no trace.

Most computer experts will recommend formatting, but it is not enough, because while it is true that formatting removes most of the information found on the hard drive, there are remains and traces that remain its interior. In fact, there are many companies today that offer all kinds of services in this regard.

how to wipe a hard drive for reuse

Permanently Erase Everything on the memory

How do they get the information back? On the hard drive, even after formatting, certain residual magnetism remain that can be read and interpreted by specialized equipment designed to achieve this goal. Even after using a hard drive again after formatting it, there are traces of the information that was contained before formatting.

The solution that most experts use at this point, and being aware of this, is to destroy the hard drive by melting it so that no one can ever recover the data it contained. But of course, this is not valid for us, since we do not want to leave our computer unusable, but to clean it.

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There are several methods, but the one we recommend, due to the privacy it offers, is to repeatedly overwrite the hard drive with random data, so that the magnetisms that are latent in it do not allow the information that was contained in it to be discovered due to which is absolutely incomprehensible.

This process is really complicated, since generating random data on a computer is something that a computer is relatively unprepared for. However, there are random number generators that will do this for us, and that combined with a hard drive removal program will completely remove any information contained in it. The most used are the Mersenne-Twister random number generator, and the Darik’s Boot and Nuke hard drive erase program. You can find more detailed information about these programs by browsing Google a bit.

Of course, keep in mind that after this process is finished it will be absolutely impossible to recover the information that your hard drive contains, so make sure you have a backup of the files that you want to keep before beginning this procedure.