How to protect your computer to prevent anyone from using it without permission

How to protect your computer with Windows 10 to prevent anyone from using it without your permission at the Christmas Eve dinner
Today is a special day in many ways, since tonight everyone celebrate Christmas Eve, a festivity that as a rule you can celebrate with friends and family with whom you can gather in a multitudinous manner; and tomorrow you can celebrate Christmas.

This type of celebrations are usually carried out at the home of one of us, for example, so it is more than likely that today you can have many guests , and at the same time you may want to protect some of our devices so they can not be used by anyone who deems it appropriate throughout the night ; You never know what can happen at parties.

For example, if you have one or more computers installed and running in our home, something increasingly common, whether desktop or laptop , it is likely that you are not interested in any of the guests sitting in front of it and can use with total freedom. At the same time you will also want to avoid that the smallest ones , who are running at ease these days, can also access some of our equipment with total impunity and damage them and erase important data.

And is that at this time every time you store and deal with a greater amount of private data, either through the Cloud , or locally , so these can always be at risk in the event that you do not take due precautions to protect them, more if you have visitors , as will happen this afternoon / night. Well, for all this, before the case comes, you can carry out a series of actions that will allow us to properly protect all our data stored in the PCs in operation.

Because as they say, it is better to prevent than to cure. So, before the guests arrive home, both the eldest and the youngest, you recommend you to sit down in front of the equipment that you are going to protect and, depending on each case, take some of the measures that you are going to show you in these same lines . Of course, in the same way you can add different protection systems , depending on the degree of permissiveness that you want to apply to that PC in particular.

For example, in the case that under no circumstances you want anyone to access any content that you have stored on our computer with Windows 10 , there is nothing better than assigning a password to access the computer and go, that way Nobody to whom you have not provided the same, may access the operating system or its content. This is something that you can carry out in a few seconds by accessing the ” Configuration ” section of Windows 10, for example by pressing the “Win + I” key combination. Once here, you look for and click on the option called “Accounts”, and in the new window that appears you will see that you have a section of “Options of initiation of session”.

Protect Windows 10

The most advisable, whether you have a visit or not, is to have our equipment protected in some way at all times, but in the event that this is not the case, what you are showing you will be very useful . We can tell you all this because from this section you will have the possibility to assign a complex password access a PIN a password of image , etc .; any of these methods will be valid in order to protect access to the computer against the eyes of others.

Of course, at the same time there is also the possibility that you do not want to be so “radical” when it comes to the privacy of our teams , since in some way, you may be leaving our technology “disconnected” completely. guests, so you can always use some other protection method , let’s say more permissive.

Other ways to protect the data of our team with Windows 10

Therefore, instead of completely restricting access to the computer with Windows 10 in question, you will also have the possibility to create a new user account for guests and they can use it if they wish. Well, in principle you will start from the basis that a priori you have already protected our own user account with a password, as you did in the previous step, otherwise the guests could access it even if they want Once this is done, you can will create a new temporary guest account in case a friend or relative wants to look at something on the Internet from our PC, for example.

Therefore, for this process, return to access the function “Settings” in Windows 10 and you click again on “Accounts”. However in this particular case you are going to decant to click on the section called “Email and accounts” on the right side of the interface, new window in which you have an access to “Add account”, where you can click and generate a new user account with a temporary email , for example.

In this way, this new account can be left free and without a password, since Windows itself assigns it its own applications , configurations or data, without any of this affecting what is stored in the rest of the system accounts. At this point, it is also worth knowing that because as a rule most people use Windows 10 in their homes and jobs, at the same time they can also access their personal user accounts from our computer and thus can work from this without affecting our data and applications.

So, to be able to do this, in this same section described above of “Accounts”, at the bottom of the options located on the left of the interface , you can find one called “Family and other users”. In this way, anyone who wants to work with their personal account these days will be able to do it from our team without any problem. In addition, as is evident, this will be protected by your password , so you can add as many accounts as necessary for different guests who need it.

Protect different applications or folders from improper hands

But the protection systems that you can use do not end here, since at the same time, if you do not want to create new user accounts and you have full confidence in the care our guests are going to have with our equipment and installed applications. , you can let them use our personal account but with some restrictions . And at the same time it is possible that you do not want those “visitors” to have direct access to certain applications , files or folders that you have stored in our personal Windows 10 account, so you can always choose to protect some of these sections independently if you can wish.

However, in this case, it is best to draw on third – party applications instead of using the features built into Windows as you have done in previous proposals. For example, in the case that what you need is to completely block access to certain applications that you have installed on the computer.

And finally you are going to put on the assumption that you have, for example, a personal folder in which you have all the documents stored in the office , or the files with monthly domestic accounts that you do not want anyone to use our PC has access.

That is why in this sense, the best thing you can do is to protect access to that specific folder and that’s it.